Azure High Performance Computing (HPC) Blog



Date Title
11/10/2022 Performance of Azure HBv4 and HX VMs for HPC
11/10/2022 Integrating HPC Pack with Azure Files - the Preferred Storage Solution
11/14/2022 Microsoft Azure supports the SC22 Student Cluster Competition
11/14/2022 Using Moneo to characterize GPU & IB networks for Deep learning
11/21/2022 Moving HPC applications to object storage: a first exercise
1/12/2023 Benchmarking Azure HPC SKUs for Financial Services Workloads
1/26/2023 A quick start guide to benchmarking AI models in Azure: MLPerf Inference v2.1 on Multi-Instance GPU
1/26/2023 Tackling AI Inference workloads on Azure’s NC A100 v4 virtual machines with time to spare
1/31/2023 Deploy an Altair PBS Professional cluster in Azure CycleCloud
2/22/2023 Azure Managed Lustre - Benchmarking our new Azure storage solution
2/22/2023 Azure HPC OnDemand Platform: Visualizing Data with ParaView
2/28/2023 Microsoft to showcase purpose-built AI infrastructure at NVIDIA GTC
3/13/2023 Integrating external Grid Engine Scheduler to CycleCloud (Cloud Bursting scenario)
3/15/2023 Accelerating DreamWorks MoonRay on Azure using H-series VMs
3/22/2023 Accelerating NAMD on Azure HB-series VMs
3/28/2023 Training large AI models on Azure using CycleCloud + Slurm
4/10/2023 MatLab and Azure: A Match Made in Performance Heaven
4/11/2023 Saying Goodbye to HPC Pack 2012 R2: End of Life Date Reached April 11th 2023
4/11/2023 Ramp up with me...on HPC: What is high-performance computing (HPC)?
4/25/2023 Join Microsoft and NVIDIA at the NAFEMS World Congress in Tampa from 15th May – 18th May 2023
5/11/2023 How to identify the recommended VM for your HPC workloads
5/12/2023 Running OpenFOAM simulations on Azure Batch
5/24/2023 Az-HOP in the Azure Marketplace
6/12/2023 Massive Scaling of Barracuda Virtual Reactor on Azure-GPU
6/13/2023 Performance & Scalability of HBv4 and HX-Series VMs with Genoa-X CPUs
6/15/2023 HPC/AI Storage options for NDm_v4 (A100) Azure kubernetes service (AKS) cluster
6/26/2023 Starting HPC Worker Processes at Boot Time in VM Scale Sets
6/28/2023 A Quick Guide to Benchmarking AI Models on Azure: ResNet with MLPerf Training v3.0
7/10/2023 Accessing Azure Managed Lustre from Windows through a SAMBA server
7/13/2023 Integrating Azure Managed Lustre Filesystem (AMLFS) into CycleCloud HPC Cluster
8/16/2023 Introducing New Performance Tiers for Azure Managed Lustre: Enhancing HPC Workloads
8/31/2023 Ramp up with me... on HPC: Understanding Virtual Machines, CPUs, and GPUs
10/16/2023 Migrating existing HPC workloads from Azure Cyclecloud to Azure Batch
10/27/2023 Microsoft at SC23
11/10/2023 CycleCloud 8.5 Release Announcement
11/15/2023 Azure announces new AI optimized VM series featuring AMD’s flagship MI300X GPU
11/15/2023 Introducing Azure NC H100 v5 VMs for mid-range AI and HPC workloads
11/15/2023 Bringing Generative AI to Semiconductor and Electronics Design
11/30/2023 Azure Managed Lustre with Automatic Synchronisation to Azure BLOB Storage
12/20/2023 Exploring CPU vs GPU Speed in AI Training: A Demonstration with TensorFlow
2/13/2024 Accelerating OpenFOAM Integration with Azure CycleCloud
2/14/2024 Choosing the Right Azure Spot VM for Rendering Workloads Using MoonRay
2/22/2024 Quick HPC Cluster Creation with Apps using CycleCloud and EESSI: A WRF example
2/23/2024 Running GPU accelerated workloads with NVIDIA GPU Operator on AKS
2/27/2024 Scaling Up in the Cloud: The WEKA Data Platform and Azure HPC Windows Grid Integration
2/29/2024 Announcing the release of CycleCloud 8.6
3/13/2024 Setting up SLURM Job Accounting with Azure CycleCloud and Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server
3/18/2024 Optimize GPU compute costs: Pause your VMs to save!
3/18/2024 New Azure NC H100 v5 VMs Optimized for Generative AI and HPC workloads is now Generally Available
3/27/2024 A quick start guide to benchmarking AI models in Azure: Llama 2 from MLPerf Inference v4.0
3/27/2024 Annual Roundup on AI Infrastructure Breakthroughs for 2023
3/27/2024 Annual Roundup of AI Infrastructure Breakthroughs for 2023
3/28/2024 Microsoft showcases latest AI solutions at NVIDIA GTC