Azure Cognitive Services

Add cognitive capabilities to apps with APIs and AI services.


Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) services that help developers build cognitive intelligence into applications without having direct AI or data science skills or knowledge. They are available through REST APIs and client library SDKs in popular development languages. Azure Cognitive Services enables developers to easily add cognitive features into their applications with cognitive solutions that can see, hear, speak, and analyze.


Learning Paths

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Learning Modules

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11/17/2022, Azure Blog
With Text Analytics for Health, a part of Azure Cognitive Services, healthcare organizations around the world can now extract meaningful insights from unstructured text in eight languages and...
8/9/2022, Azure Blog
With Azure Cognitive Services for Speech, customers can build voice-enabled apps confidently and quickly with the Speech SDK. We make it easy for customers to transcribe speech to text (STT) with...
7/15/2022, GA Announcements
The Cognitive Services team has updated our approach to facial recognition including adding a new Limited Access policy, removing AI classifiers of sensitive attributes and bolstering our...