Azure Cache for Redis

Accelerate apps with high-throughput, low-latency data caching.


Azure Cache for Redis provides an in-memory data store based on the Redis software. Redis improves the performance and scalability of an application that uses backend data stores heavily. It's able to process large volumes of application requests by keeping frequently accessed data in the server memory, which can be written to and read from quickly. Redis brings a critical low-latency and high-throughput data storage solution to modern applications.

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Encrypt Redis persistence files using customer managed keys.
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Log all connections to your cache.
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Basic, Standard, and Premium tier caches now support a built-in flush operation that can be started as a management operation.
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Debug server-side latency with a new Azure Cache for Redis metric.
Work with JSON-style documents synced across multiple regions
Scale your cache instances to up to 30 shards with Azure Cache for Redis.
Trigger serverless functions through Azure Cache for Redis.
Create an Azure Cache for Redis instance in the Web App and database Azure Marketplace offer to accelerate your web application performance.