Power Pages

Create, host, and administer modern external-facing business websites.


Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform for creating, hosting, and administering modern external-facing business websites. Whether you're a low-code maker or a professional developer, Power Pages enables you to rapidly design, configure, and publish websites that seamlessly work across web browsers and devices.

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Happy New Year to all here in 2023. It’s going to be a great year. It’s a great time to be a programmer. A great time to be building with .NET; you are going to do great things this year. You...
Today, we are thrilled to announce the preview of Microsoft Power Pages, the fifth product in the Microsoft Power Platform family. Whether you're a low-code maker or professional developer, this...
This year at Microsoft Build, Microsoft Power Platform is making low-code faster, easier to use, and more innovative for all developers. Today we’re announcing an exciting new Microsoft Power...