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Deliver high availability and network performance to your apps.

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  1. 12/16/2022, Learning Module
    This module explains what Azure Load Balancer does, how it works, and when you should choose to use Load Balancer as a solution to meet your organization's needs.


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The Azure App Service Environment is a deployment of Azure App Service into a subnet in an Azure virtual network (VNet). There are two ways to deploy an App Service Environment (ASE): With a VIP...
With cross-region Load Balancer, customers can distribute traffic across multiple Azure regions with ultra-low latency and high performance.
The team catches up with the developers of the Databricks Accelerator for Azure Purview to learn when, where, and why you might use it.   Media...
Peer Route Server with network virtual appliances (NVAs) deployed behind an Azure Internal Load Balancer (ILB).
Gateway Load Balancer enables you to deploy, scale, and enhance the availability of third party network virtual appliances (NVAs) in Azure with ease.
You can now have AKS take care of creating the Private Link Service association to the Kubernetes service identified by the frontend IP configuration of an internal Azure Load Balancer.
Yun Jung Choi, a PM in the Azure team, give us details about a valuable feature of the popular App Service, that allows customers to perform a variety of advanced troubleshooting tasks right...