Azure Load Testing

Optimize app performance with high-scale load testing.


Azure Load Testing Preview is a fully managed load-testing service that enables you to generate high-scale load. The service simulates traffic for your applications, regardless of where they're hosted. Developers, testers, and quality assurance (QA) engineers can use it to optimize application performance, scalability, or capacity.

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Azure Load Testing now uses Apache JMeter version 5.5 for running load tests.
Azure Load Testing became generally available in February 2023. It shipped with a lot of new features that were requested by you, the community. You can get started quickly from within the Azure...
Join the Azure Load Testing product team for an AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) on Wednesday, February 22 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Pacific Time! Join the text event live, or drop your early questions...
Azure Load Testing is now Generally Available. Get started with Azure Load Testing today.
We are announcing the general availability of Azure Load Testing, a fully managed load-testing service.
Authentication is a key step in the user journey of any application. Going about designing the authentication flow can be confusing and not straightforward. When load testing an application, this...
You want to make sure your application is prepared for all your new and returning customers during the holiday shopping season, right? Well, we have some tips. We walked through how to set up,...
Azure Load Testing now enables you to authenticate to application endpoints which require a client certificate for authentication.
Azure Load Testing is now HITRUST certified.
Azure Load Testing is in public preview in West Europe.
Azure Load Testing is in public preview in UK South.
With Azure Load Testing, you can now run load tests against private endpoints - endpoints deployed in a virtual network, public endpoints with access restrictions (restricting client IP...
Azure Load Testing is in public preview in West US 2.
You can view engine health metrics to understand the performance of the test engine during the run, enabling confidence in the test results and better test configuration.
Azure Load Testing now supports additional client metrics (in addition to response time and error percentage) and aggregate functions on client metrics to define pass/fail criteria for a test.
Our resident expert on all things Java on Azure, Asir Vedamuthu Selvasingh, gives us all the latest updates on running your Java workloads on various Azure services. He also dives into the newly...
Azure Load Testing preview now supports user specified JMeter properties, making load tests more configurable.
You can now configure your test to automatically split large input data evenly across the test engine instances.
You can now add another layer of security by bringing your own customer-managed keys.
You can now create load tests quickly without prior knowledge of testing tools by entering your URL in the Azure Load Testing resource from the Azure portal.