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Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 6/7/2022, Learning Path
    Start here and learn how you can monitor, automate, tune, autoscale, secure and build Java apps on Azure. As always, use tools and frameworks that you know and love – Spring,...
  2. 6/7/2022, Learning Path
    Start here and learn how you can build, migrate and scale Java applications on Azure using Azure services. Use tools and frameworks that you know and love – Spring, Tomcat,...
  3. 11/17/2022, Website
    Code, deploy, and scale Java your way - Empowered Java development and deployment in the cloud
  4. 11/17/2022, Ebook
    In this ebook, we’ll examine how Azure delivers on this commitment, letting Java developers continue working the same way they do today—and continue using the tools and...
  5. 11/17/2022, Ebook
    In this paper, we’ll look at: A historical look at the ways in which Microsoft has adopted Java over the years, the recent history of Microsoft’s investments in Java, what...


Learning Paths

Published: 7/26/2022, Length: 7:43:00
Published: 6/7/2022, Length: 5:30:00
Published: 6/7/2022, Length: 5:03:00

Learning Modules

Published: 7/25/2022, Length: 0:51:00
Published: 6/7/2022, Length: 0:56:00
Published: 6/7/2022, Length: 1:00:00


1. What is JDBC? Java Database Connectivity is an API for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database. JDBC APIs can be used to connect to most of the...
11/13/2022, Apps on Azure Blog
Context Many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are exchanging information with devices, applications, services, or humans. In many cases the information passed can be a file or a blob. Each of...
10/13/2022, GA Announcements
Kusto Trender is a new JavaScript client library for Kusto focused on IoT scenarios. It is now available on GitHub.
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
Java application profiling using Java Flight Recorder (JFR) is now in preview in Azure Monitor application insights.
Azure Functions now supports Java 17 in Public Preview
6/22/2022, GA Announcements
Durable Functions are now supported when building Java applications in Azure Functions.