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We’re excited to announce that version 4 of the Node.js programming model is currently in preview! This programming model is part of Azure Function’s larger effort to provide a more flexible and...
If you've followed Part 1 and Part 2 of the azdev-ify or azd-ify series and are wondering whether you need to completely rework your Bicep files to `azd up` your app, you're in luck! The solution...
We are launching a new way to pay for Azure Spring Apps -- the consumption pricing plan. This plan is now in public preview so you can start creating and deploying apps today. This new plan is...
Announcement of AAD support for the JMS 2.0 API of Azure Service Bus.
Background: Function App supports to integrate Managed Identities to connect to resources that support Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. There are two types of Managed...
  Azure Container Apps (ACA) are built on a solid open source foundation. Behind the scenes, it runs on a managed Kubernetes cluster and includes several open source components, including Dapr...
We're very pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure 5.0 is now generally available.    This major release includes the following features, improvements, and documentation updates:  Compatible...
We're pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure version 4.5.0 has been released and is available from Maven Central. This release is compatible with:   Spring Boot versions: 2.5.0 through...
Eduardo Maltez is a Software Engineer at Clear Measure. He has extensive experience in .NET, including Blazor, SignalR, Azure Service Bus, SQL Server, and all kinds of automated testing. Earlier...
Scale your Azure Service Bus premium namespaces far beyond the current limitations with two new features.
Configure your Service Bus namespace to require that clients send and receive data with a minimal version of transport layer security (TLS).
Manage and work with your messages directly in the portal integrated version of Service Bus Explorer.
Authenticate your Stream Analytics jobs to connect to Service Bus using system-assigned managed identities.
Send, receive, and peek messages on queues, topics, and subscriptions.
The Azure SDK for Go has received a major update and data plane support for new services like Identity, Key Vault, Service Bus, and Tables.
Azure Functions dynamic concurrency feature simplifies configuring concurrency for your function apps using Service Bus, Storage Blobs, and Storage Queue triggers.
Stream Analytics now supports authenticating to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Service Bus using Managed Identities.
To enforce stricter security measures, you can now configure your Service Bus namespace to require that clients send and receive data with a minimum version of TLS.