Azure IoT Central

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7/27/2022, GA Announcements
You now have the option to take the phone as a device guided tour when creating a new application in Azure IoT Central.
7/20/2022, GA Announcements
CI/CD Guidance and sample code now available for Azure IoT Central deployment pipelines.
7/14/2022, GA Announcements
Device capability customizations and cloud properties are now included in exported device templates in Azure IoT Central.
The Azure IoT Central REST API now supports to programmatically create enrollment groups, schedule jobs, configure application dashboards, and leverage the REST API for unassociated/unmodeled devices.
6/30/2022, GA Announcements
The Azure IoT Central REST API now enables GA support for creating and managing device groups and organizations, configure file uploads destination, and add organization association to existing...
6/30/2022, GA Announcements
You can now resize rows in Azure IoT Central’s device raw data view allowing the ability to analyze more data in a single view.
6/28/2022, GA Announcements
Azure IoT Central data export feature now supports the ability to filter data under an organization as well as include organizations path in the exported data.
6/22/2022, GA Announcements
You can now read and write properties without having to first create a device model/template.