Azure Cognitive Search

Enterprise scale search for app development.


Azure Cognitive Search (formerly known as "Azure Search") is a cloud search service that gives developers infrastructure, APIs, and tools for building a rich search experience over private, heterogeneous content in web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Search is foundational to any app that surfaces text to users, where common scenarios include catalog or document search, online retail apps, or data exploration over proprietary content.

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Farzad Sunavala, Senior PM in the Azure Cognitive Search team, reveals the details of the new Vector Search feature. He explains some of the concepts of Vector search and how developers can...
With the rise of Artificial intelligence (AI), many industries and users are looking into ways to leverage this technology for their own development purposes and use cases. The field is expected...
With Vector search, Developers can store, index, and deliver search applications over vector representations of organizational data including text, images, audio, video, and more.
Introduction Azure OpenAI models provide a secure and robust solution for tasks like creating content, summarizing information, and various other applications that involve working with human...
Our April highlight includes Azure OpenAI Service, ChatGPT and open source related technologies to help you better understand the impact they have on today’s development landscape. Start learning...