Azure Communication Services

Build rich communication experiences with the same secure platform used by Microsoft Teams.


Azure Communication Services are cloud-based services with REST APIs and client library SDKs available to help you integrate communication into your applications. You can add communication to your applications without being an expert in underlying technologies such as media encoding or telephony.


Learning Modules

Published: 7/5/2022, Length: 0:24:00


11/3/2022, Azure Podcast
Cynthia, Sujit and Russell discuss the SAP for Azure Land Zone Acclerator with Pankaj Meshram from the Microsoft Product team, and Matt Ely from Microsoft's Global Partner Solutions CSA...
10/26/2022, GA Announcements
Execute high-volume SMS campaigns in seconds with easy, automated short code functionality.
9/14/2022, Azure Podcast
The team catches up with Aimee Littleton, PM on the Azure Networking team, to learn more about NAT Gateway and when customers should be using it. Short answer = whenever you have outbound network...
8/31/2022, GA Announcements
Azure Communication Services now supports communication experiences for Teams identities. With this capability developers can build custom standalone applications that integrate audio, video, and...