Azure Database Migration Service

Accelerate your data migration to Azure.


Azure Database Migration Service enables seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure Data platforms with minimal downtime. The service uses the Data Migration Assistant to generate assessment reports that provide recommendations to guide you through the changes required before performing a migration. When you're ready to begin the migration process, Azure Database Migration Service performs all the required steps.

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In this episode we chat with Andrés Padilla and Meer Alam about practical use of AI and ML systems.  Examples of this are discussed around autonomous drone / delivery models and the various...
Azure Database Migration Service (classic) - SQL Server scenarios will not be supported after March 31, 2026.
Provide a secure and improved user experience for migrating TDE databases and SQL/Windows logins to Azure SQL.
Migrate from Oracle to Azure Database for PostgreSQL with the Database Migration Assessment for Oracle extension available in Azure Data Studio.
Leverage Azure PowerShell module (Az.DataMigration) or Azure CLI commands (az datamigration) for recommendations and migrate SQL Server databases using Azure Database Migration Service with Azure...