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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the public preview of the Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench (Azure MSWB), a groundbreaking service on the Azure Cloud built to revolutionize...
Azure NetApp Files support for one Active Directory connection per NetApp account now enables connecting a NetApp account to its own distinct Active Directory Forest and Domain. Azure NetApp...
Azure NetApp Files backup expands the data protection capabilities of Azure NetApp Files by providing fully managed backup solution for long-term snapshot archive, recovery, and compliance.
You can now create Azure NetApp Files large volumes between 50TiB to 500TiB in size.
Application volume group for Oracle is designed to greatly simplify the deployment of Azure NetApp Files volumes required to install and operate Oracle databases on Azure virtual machines at...
Azure CycleCloud is an enterprise-friendly tool for orchestrating and managing High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments on Azure. With CycleCloud, users can provision infrastructure for HPC...
Deploy new Azure NetApp Files volumes in Azure availability zones (AZs) of your choice to support workloads across multiple availability zones
Azure NetApp Files now supports smaller 1 TiB capacity pool sizes, lowered from 2 TiB, when used with volumes using standard network features.
Public Preview of Azure NetApp Files volume enhancement – file path uniqueness
Co-Written with Erik Garcia, WEKA Director of Cloud Sales, Brian Markenson, WEKA System Engineer, & Adam Fowler, WEKA System Engineer High Performance Compute (HPC) grids in the Financial...
Azure NetApp Files Standard Network Features - Edit Volumes GA
Azure NetApp Files in US Gov region now supports ability to edit existing ANF volumes and upgrading Basic network features to Standard network features.
Azure NetApp Files volumes supports encryption with customer-managed keys (CMK), using Azure Key Vault for key storage, to enable an extra layer of security for data at rest.
Azure NetApp Files 1 TiB capacity pool sizes, when used with volumes using standard network features is now in preview.
Azure NetApp Files now supports smaller 2 TiB capacity pool sizes, lowered from 4 TiB, when used with volumes using standard network features.
Default and individual user/group quotas allows you to stay in control of capacity consumption on volumes; the feature is now Generally Available (GA)
Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution is available in US Government (VA, AZ) regions.
Azure NetApp Files standard storage with cool access is now in public preview. With the new cool access feature, you can enable standard volumes with the ability to transparently store data more...
Customer keys are protected from attacks for maximum security of their Azure NetApp File volumes; the feature is now available in US Gov regions (Preview)
Non-LDAP volumes can now be configured to use a custom authentication ID Domain that matches your NFS environment.