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Non-LDAP volumes can now be configured to use a custom authentication ID Domain that matches your NFS environment.
Azure NetApp Files datastores now supports Cloud Backup for Virtual Machines in preview
Azure NetApp Files SMB Continuous Availability (CA) shares is now Generally Available (GA)
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Benefits Prerequisites and general recommendations Getting Started Deploy Azure VMware Solution Provision and configure Azure NetApp Files Create volume...
Azure NetApp Files now supports multiple encryption layers for increased data security.
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction About the test environment About automounter Azure NetApp Files replication Configure Azure NetApp Files replication Setting up automounter The autofs...
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Target audience Solution overview Solution technology Cloud resources and services requirements Software requirements Distributed ML training for lane...
Populate previously deployed, existing volumes with the logical availability zone information to enable failure domain protection for workloads in specific availability zones.
Azure NetApp Files now supports ability to edit existing ANF volumes and upgrading Basic network features to Standard network features.
OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) is an open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for simulating and analyzing...
Training large AI models on Azure using CycleCloud + Slurm   In the past year generative AI models have leapt into common discourse through the popularity of text-to-image models and services...
Azure NetApp Files now supports volume user and group quotas to manage storage utilization on a per user or group basis
You can now create Azure NetApp Files large volumes between 100TiB to 500TiB in size.
Azure NetApp Files now supports smaller 2TiB capacity pool sizes, lowered from 4TiB, when used with volumes using standard network features. 
Azure NetApp Files volumes now support encryption with customer-managed keys (CMK), using Azure Key Vault for key storage, to enable an extra layer of security for data at rest.
Replicate Azure NetApp Files volumes from one availability zone to another in a fast and cost-effective way, protecting your data from unforeseeable zone failures.
  When deploying an HPC Pack workload to the Azure public cloud, until recently, it could be challenging to deploy a highly available, Active Directory-integrated file share to host your SMB...
Azure NetApp Files for datastores is now generally available in Azure VMware Solution.
Deploy new Azure NetApp Files volumes in Azure availability zones (AZs) of your choice to support workloads across multiple availability zones.
Table of Contents   Abstract Introduction Scenario Azure NetApp Files backup preview enablement Managing Resource Providers in Terraform Terraform Configuration Terraform AzAPI and AzureRM...