Azure NetApp Files

Enterprise-grade Azure file shares, powered by NetApp.


11/10/2022, Azure HPC Blog
  When deploying an HPC Pack workload to the Azure public cloud, until recently, it could be challenging to deploy a highly available, Active Directory-integrated file share to host your SMB...
11/9/2022, GA Announcements
Azure NetApp Files for datastores is now generally available in Azure VMware Solution.
10/24/2022, Preview Announcements
Deploy new Azure NetApp Files volumes in Azure availability zones (AZs) of your choice to support workloads across multiple availability zones.
Table of Contents   Abstract Introduction Scenario Azure NetApp Files backup preview enablement Managing Resource Providers in Terraform Terraform Configuration Terraform AzAPI and AzureRM...
Table of Contents   Abstract Intended audience Overview SQL server backup and recovery Common SQL server BU/R challenges Azure NetApp Files storage-based snapshot technology SQL server 2022...
10/13/2022, GA Announcements
With Azure NetApp Files application volume group (AVG) for SAP HANA, you are able to deploy all volumes required to install and operate an SAP HANA system according to best practices.
9/27/2022, GA Announcements
The new Azure Policy built-in definitions for Azure NetApp Files enable organization admins to restrict creation of unsecure volumes or audit existing volumes.
9/26/2022, GA Announcements
Azure NetApp Files is now available in additional regions and supports new cross-region replication pairs.
9/25/2022, Azure Podcast
Kendall and Sujit talk to Tom Kerkhove again, now a Software Engineer in the Azure team and still the maintainer of KEDA. He gives us insights into the new API Management Self Hosted Gateway...
Regional coverage has expanded for Azure NetApp Files backup.
9/12/2022, GA Announcements
Standard network features for Azure NetApp Files is generally available in 20 regions.
Table of Contents   Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Scenario Preparation Installation of sample application Manage WordPress application with ACS Enable application consistent...
8/19/2022, GA Announcements
JetStream DR enables cost-effective disaster recovery by consuming minimal resources at the DR site and using cost-effective cloud storage. JetStream DR now also automates recovery to Azure...
Regional coverage has expanded for Azure NetApp Files for standard network features.
6/9/2022, GA Announcements
Various Azure NetApp Files features have reached general availability and regional coverage has been expanded for Azure NetApp Files cross-region replication.
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