Azure Firewall

Cloud-native and intelligent network firewall security.


11/16/2022, Azure Blog
We are happy to share several key Azure Firewall capabilities as well as updates on recent important releases into general availability (GA) and preview.
11/15/2022, GA Announcements
Azure's regional Web Application Firewall on Application Gateway now supports customizing actions per rule. This new functionality allows you greater control over how the Web Application Firewall...
11/14/2022, GA Announcements
This rule set provides you enhanced protection against bots and provides granular control over bots detected by WAF by categorizing bot traffic as good, bad, or unknown bots.
11/13/2022, Azure Podcast
Azure Networking Engineering Manager Abhishek Tiwari joins us once again, this time to talk about all of the work his team has done to add L7 and DDOS protection at the Edge and the enhancements...
11/7/2022, GA Announcements
Increase your security posture and reduce false positives with Default Rule Set 2.1, now generally available on Azure's global Web Application Firewall running on Azure Front Door.
10/12/2022, Azure Podcast
The team catches up with the developers of the Databricks Accelerator for Azure Purview to learn when, where, and why you might use it.   Media...
Azure Firewall Basic provides cost-effective, enterprise-grade network security for small and medium businesses (SMBs).
10/4/2022, Azure Blog
Azure Firewall Basic is a new SKU of Azure Firewall designed to meet the needs of SMBs by providing enterprise-grade protection of their cloud environment at an affordable price point. It is a...
You can now manage firewall rules over time by providing insights and analysis of traffic flowing through Azure Firewall.
9/29/2022, Azure Blog
We are excited to share that Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall is now in preview. Policy Analytics provides you with critical insights and analytics to optimize your Azure Firewall rules and...
9/20/2022, GA Announcements
Azure regional Web Application Firewall (WAF) supports operators “Any” and “GreaterThanOrEqual”, improving WAF tuning capabilities. Azure's global WAF now supports geo-match filtering using the...
8/25/2022, Azure Blog
Organizations today are faced with growing network challenges with hundreds of network assets deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Daily tasks such as enabling access or...
8/2/2022, GA Announcements
Azure Firewall Premium Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) certification from ICSA Labs is now available.
6/15/2022, GA Announcements
Azure Firewall Manager supports the ability to manage DDoS Protection plans and Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies for workloads and applications, within a centralized place, at scale.
Azure Firewall Manager now supports the ability to manage Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies for application delivery platforms, Application Gateway, and Azure Front Door, at scale...