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Flow Trace Logs provide more visibility into the TCP handshake, providing insight into whether traffic is properly flowing through the firewall. In addition, Azure Firewall can now autoscale...
Parallel IP Group support enables administrators to simultaneously update multiple IP Groups in a firewall, streamlining the process of implementing devOps changes.
Using Azure Load Testing to test Multi-Tenant services This article describes how to use Azure Load Testing to test a multi-tenant service based on Azure App Service. It also describes how to run...
This reference architecture describes the deployment of secured Azure Container Registry for consuming docker images and artifacts by customer applications over external (public internet)...
Sometimes we get cases that are not usual, so it's always nice to document our findings, so that you may also investigate and solve your issues faster.   This article shows how Key Vault Policies...
  Introduction   GenAI applications are those that use large language models (LLMs) to generate natural language texts or perform natural language understanding tasks. LLMs are powerful tools...
Azure Application Gateway is a web traffic load balancer that enables you to manage traffic to your applications. It can be used as an internal application load balancer or as an internet-facing...
A week ago I gave a quick intro to why developers should look into infrastructure but conveniently (and intentionally) skipped going into details on how to solve things. A few details remain...
Welcome to our comprehensive guide dedicated to resolving challenges that arise when Azure App Services encounter difficulties pulling images from the Azure Container Registry (ACR). Deploying...
Protect applications from abnormally high levels of traffic with rate-limit rules on Azure’s regional Web Application Firewall running on Application Gateway.
You are collecting batched or block data from a source and using a for-each loop with concatenation of a string variable to produce the final data, which you finally want to save in storage. Your...
Introduction Azure AI Landing Zones provide a solid foundation for deploying advanced AI technologies like OpenAI's GPT-4 models. These environments are designed to support AI enthusiasts, but...
    The following suggested Network example topologies are thought to follow Vnet integration practices within the API management. Therefore, these revolve around API management in internal...
Protect the sensitive data getting stored in your Web Application Firewall (WAF) using log scrubbing on Azure’s regional Web Application Firewall running on Application Gateway.
This article outlines the typical challenges that customers may come across while operating an Azure Spring Apps service instance using the Standard and Enterprise plans within a virtual network...
This feature allows you to upgrade your firewall without service downtime, with a single click of a button.
Azure Firewall is now generally available in the Poland Central region.
Azure Firewall can now learn address ranges and automatically configure them to be excluded from SNAT, to reduce time and complexity spent manually defining SNAT private ranges.
This configuration allows traffic from the sending application to be directed to the private IP address of the firewall, facilitating direct egress from the firewall without the need for a UDR.
Introduction to Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints:   Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints emerge as a pivotal solution within the Azure ecosystem. These endpoints play a vital role in fortifying the...