Azure Deployment Environments

Quickly and easily spin up app infrastructure with project-based templates


Azure Deployment Environments empowers development teams to quickly and easily spin up app infrastructure with project-based templates that establish consistency and best practices while maximizing security. This on-demand access to secure environments accelerates the stages of the software development lifecycle in a compliant and cost-efficient way. A deployment environment is a preconfigured collection of Azure resources deployed in predefined subscriptions. Azure governance is applied to those subscriptions based on the type of environment, such as sandbox, testing, staging, or production.

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  1. 11/12/2022, Video, 0:23:50
    Empower hybrid dev teams of any size by providing developers with streamlined, self-service access to the tools and resources they need. Get setup quickly with ready-to-code,...


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Cale and Russell talk to the Microsoft Program Manager for DevBox and Azure Deployment Environments, Sagar Chandra Reddy Lankala, about how Azure Deployment Environments can enable rapid...
Azure Deployment Environments is now generally available. With Deployment Environments, developers can self-deploy the environments they need on demand using infrastructure-as-code templates.
Last year at Build, we announced a new product called Azure Deployment Environments, a service that enables developers to quickly spin up app infrastructure with project-based templates. Since...