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Deploy your Python code to Azure for web apps, serverless apps, containers, and machine learning models. Take advantage of the Azure libraries (SDK) for Python to programmatically access the full range of Azure services including storage, databases, pre-built AI capabilities, and much more.

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Use OpenTelemetry-based instrumentation with vender-neutral APIs to power metrics, logs, and distributed traces in Azure Monitor application insights.
Suppose you're deploying a web application that relies on a database. Instead of manually configuring the database each time you deploy your application, you can use an Init Container to handle...
Welcome to this month's Azure Functions newsletter! We'll share the latest news for Azure Functions here on the Apps on Azure blog.   Azure Functions monthly community live stream Our next live...
We will learn how to configure Gunicorn to efficiently handle multiple concurrent requests for a Flask App on Azure App Service Linux. Below are few experiments with different configurations of...
Introduction to Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints:   Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints emerge as a pivotal solution within the Azure ecosystem. These endpoints play a vital role in fortifying the...
You can now develop durable functions in Azure Functions using the Python v2 programming model
In today's fast-paced development landscape, delivering reliable and high-quality software is paramount. To achieve this, end-to-end testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that all components...
There are multiple ways to increase the concurrency of python function app. I drew an architecture diagram, which can give us an overall understanding of the function app.   Based on the...
Take advantage of Python 3.11 features with Azure Functions
Modify just the required fields without having to replace the whole document with partial document update in the Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK.
Azure Load Testing is a fully managed load testing service that enables you to easily generate high scale load and gain actionable insights into the performance and scalability of your...
A recent requirement from a customer was to host multiple container apps on Azure Container Apps within the same environment to optimize resource usage. To limit the traffic within the container...
At Microsoft, our goal is to empower all developers to be successful at building any application, using any language, on any platform. We are committed to building open, flexible technology that...
Introduction Azure OpenAI models provide a secure and robust solution for tasks like creating content, summarizing information, and various other applications that involve working with human...
You can now take advantage of the Python 3.11 features with Azure Functions.
The Dapr extension for AKS and Arc-enabled Kubernetes now supports Dapr v1.11.0.    Dapr is a developer framework for building cloud-native applications, making it easier to run multiple...
We’re pleased to announce that version 1.1.0 of the Azure Container Registry (ACR) libraries for .NET, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python are now generally available.
Resource-centric log query support is available in the latest stable release of the Azure Monitor Query client libraries. Query logs by Azure resource ID using .NET, Go, Java, JavaScript, or Python.
For those who want to focus on creating scalable containerized applications without having to worry about managing any environments, this is the tutorial for you! We are going to be hosting a...
At Microsoft, our goal is to empower all developers to be successful at building any application, using any language, on any platform. We are committed to building Open, flexible technology that...