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Deploy your Python code to Azure for web apps, serverless apps, containers, and machine learning models. Take advantage of the Azure libraries (SDK) for Python to programmatically access the full range of Azure services including storage, databases, pre-built AI capabilities, and much more.

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  1. 12/3/2022, Learning Module
    Learn about the Python programming language, how to execute statements and scripts, declare variables, and create a basic Python app.


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I pose a lot of questions in this title. IT certifications, do you have any? Perhaps you have none, perhaps you have 10, but does it really matter and what do they really prove? 23 years ago,...
The initial stable release of the Azure Monitor Ingestion client libraries is now available. Upload custom logs to Log Analytics workspaces in .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python.
Building a URL shortener is much easier now using the Serverless technologies in Azure. In this post, we will discuss developing this solution.   Here is the overall architecture of the...
You can now develop Python 3.10 apps locally and deploy them to all Azure Functions plans.
Azure Static Web Apps now supports building and deploying full-stack Python 3.10 applications.
Summary Microsoft Azure Data Explorer is a great resource to ingest and process streaming data. Azure Data Lake Storage is a great resource for storing large amounts of data. The end-to-end...
Financial Services Industry (FSI) is one of the largest consumers of HPC environments in the cloud. To evaluate the performance of these systems, it is important to use benchmark tests that...
You can now take advantage of Python 3.10 features with Azure Functions.
We added support for Python 3.10, PHP 8.1 and Node 18.
Digital Twins is one of those terms that captures your imagination. It has been massively popularised by sci-fi, where characteristics of specific physical objects are replicated and visualised...
Hugo Meiland ( Gareth O’Brien (   With this blog / paper we demonstrate using object storage as the direct back end for running HPC applications...
Azure Container Apps is a fully managed serverless container service for building and deploying modern apps at scale. Today, we’re introducing new preview features to make it even easier to build...
Azure Automation now supports runbooks in latest Runtime versions - PowerShell 7.2 and Python 3.10 in public preview.
Azure Functions V2 programming model for development in Python offers several enhancements.
Features include controlling/customizing a model’s training code and using Python functions to develop tasks.
You can connect Azure SQL to Azure Functions more easily with input and output bindings, now available in public preview for C#, JavaScript, and Python.
Improve database performance by running I/O tasks concurrently using the Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK IO async support capability.