Azure Applied AI Services

Specialized services that enable organizations to accelerate time to value in applying AI to solve common scenarios.


Azure Applied AI Services are high-level services focused on empowering developers to quickly unlock the value of data by applying AI into their key business scenarios. Built on top of the AI APIs of Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Applied AI Services are optimized for critical tasks ranging from monitoring and diagnosing metric anomalies, mining knowledge from documents, enhancing the customer experience through transcription analysis, boosting literacy in the classroom, document understanding and more. Previously, companies would have to orchestrate multiple AI skills, add business logic, and create a UI to go from development to deployment for their scenario – all of which would consume time, expertise, and resources – these “scenario specific” services provide developers these benefits “out of the box”.

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Getting Started

  1. 6/15/2022, Video, 0:01:51
    #Azure #AppliedAI services allows you to go live with AI solutions in days—not months. Learn about what you can do with Applied AI from Ayşegül Yönet. Watch the #MSBuild...