Azure Chaos Studio

Improve application resilience by introducing faults and simulating outages.


Azure Chaos Studio is an Azure service that helps you measure, understand, and build application and service resilience to real world incidents, such as a region going down or an application failure causing 100% CPU usage on a VM. With Chaos Studio, you can run Chaos Engineering experiments that inject faults against your service then monitor how the service responds to disruptions. Chaos experiments help you to validate architectural choices and improve service reliability. Chaos experiments can be run ad-hoc for running manual BCDR drills and Game Days, or as part of your CI/CD pipeline to programmatically gate code flow.

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Getting Started

  1. 12/17/2021, Video, 0:16:40
    Azure Chaos Studio is a is a fully managed chaos engineering experimentation platform for accelerating discovery of hard-to-find problems, from late-stage development through...
  2. 2/24/2022, Video, 0:11:49
    Test the resilience of your apps by introducing faults to simulate real-world outages with Azure Chaos Studio. John Engel-Kemnetz, Senior Program Manager for Azure Chaos...


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Azure and Data technical specialist Ian Pike, joins us on the Podcast to give us a primer on Fabric and what is means for customers that use various data-related services on Azure.   Media...
Azure Chaos Studio is now available in West US 2 region.
Azure Chaos Studio is now available in Sweden Central region.
Azure Chaos Studio is now available in East Asia region.
Public preview enhancements and updates released for Chaos Studio in January 2023.