The Azure Podcast

Episode 342 - Azure Digital Twins
We had a chance to talk with Ines Khelifi, the Principal PM Manager for Azure Digital Twins on the different use cases she has seen, the latest preview, and how Azure Digital Twins can be...
Episode 341 - What are CSAs
Microsoft Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Levi Romandine, shares his experiences working with Hi-tech customers in Silicon Valley. He explains the role of the CSA and talks about some of the...
Episode 340 - Messaging Services
Azure has a number of top-notch messaging services in Event Grid, Event Hubs, Service Bus, IoT Hub, Relay etc. It can be confusing at times as to which one is the right one for the job. Luckily...
Episode 339 - Durable Functions
Chris Gillum, an Engineering Manager in the Azure Serverless team, talks to us about the value of Durable Functions in serverless computing. He explains the underlying architecture of the Azure...
Episode 338 - ADLS Gen 1 to Gen 2
Principal PM in the Azure Rukmani Gopalan joins us on the continuing discussion on ADLS. This time we focus on migration from Gen 1 to Gen 2. Rukmani gives us the background behind the two...
Episode 337 - Azure Data Lake Storage Static Website
The team is joined by Stephen Wu from ADLS to talk about how the ADLS Gen 2 team is working to simplify the Storage conversation for Azure customers by driving for feature parity with Blob...
Episode 336 - Microsoft Q&A
Ryan Hill, a Software Engineer in the Azure CXP group, shares details of the new Microsoft Q&A website which serves as a one-stop for getting questions answered around Azure and other Microsoft...
Episode 335 - Azure Data Explorer
LaBrina Loving, a Cloud Architect and Software Engineer in the Commercial Software Engineering division at Microsoft, shares her recent passion with the Data Explorer service. Using a couple of...
Episode 334 - Windows Containers in AKS
Mikkel Hegnhoj, a Principal PM in the AKS team, shares the details about running Windows Containers in AKS, which is now GA. He gives us guidance on how to design an AKS cluster than run Windows...
Episode 333 - TLS 1.0 Deprecation
Candace Jackson, a Senior PM in the Azure Security team, give us an update on the effort to remove the use of TLS 1.0 from applications in Azure.   Media...
Episode 332 - Azure Edge Zones
Ganesh Srinivasan, a Principal PM Manager in the Azure Networking team, talks to the crew about the possibilities and scenarios when placing compute as close to the edge as possible. Media...
Allison Farris, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft's UK subsidiary, shares her passion and experience with Azure Functions. She gives us insights into how customers are leveraging...