Azure Kubernetes Service

Deploy and scale containers on managed Kubernetes.


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) makes it simple to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure. AKS reduces the complexity and operational overhead of managing Kubernetes by offloading much of that responsibility to Azure. As a hosted Kubernetes service, Azure handles critical tasks like health monitoring and maintenance for you. The Kubernetes masters are managed by Azure. You only manage and maintain the agent nodes. As a managed Kubernetes service, AKS is free - you only pay for the agent nodes within your clusters, not for the masters.

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  1. 12/2/2021, Video, 0:32:49
    Ayobami Ayodeji shows us Microsoft's architectural approach and reference implementation to prepare landing zone subscriptions for a scalable Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)...
  2. 9/8/2022, Webpage
    Public Roadmap for the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  3. 9/8/2022, Webpage
    Azure Kubernetes Service Public Office Hours


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Dr. Wolfgang De Salvador - EMEA GBB HPC/AI Infrastructure Senior Specialist Dr. Kai Neuffer - Principal Program Manager, Industry and Partner Sales - Energy Industry   Resources and references...
Customers can now utilize Azure Backup for AKS to recover their containerized applications and data during a regional disaster scenario.
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You can now monitor the health, load and performance of the API server and etcd in the control plane of your AKS clusters
Welcome to the second installment of our multipart series on simplifying Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) authentication. In this article, we delve deeper into the intricacies of AKS setup,...
You can now bring your own certificates and keys to use with Istio add-on for signing workload certificates for improved security.
You can now upgrade to new Istio revisions as they are made available in the Istio add-on for AKS.
You can use VS Code extension update for AKS to interact with a new create cluster experience, abort/reconcile cluster, and more.
You can now get Node IP for tasks such as troubleshooting, without needing kubectl access
You can now disable SSH for AKS to reduce the attach surface on your cluster.
You can now update the outbound type of existing clusters without having to rebuild the cluster
You will see AKS reserve up to 20% less memorry on nodes.
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Cale and Sujit discuss the new Fleet Manager service which allows customers to better manage groups of AKS clusters and perform updates, deployments and network access.   Media...
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