Azure Data Lake Storage

Scalable, secure data lake for high-performance analytics.


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is a set of capabilities dedicated to big data analytics, built on Azure Blob Storage. Data Lake Storage Gen2 converges the capabilities of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 with Azure Blob Storage. For example, Data Lake Storage Gen2 provides file system semantics, file-level security, and scale. Because these capabilities are built on Blob storage, you'll also get low-cost, tiered storage, with high availability/disaster recovery capabilities.


10/26/2022, GA Announcements
ABAC for Azure Storage Blobs, ADLS Gen2, and queues is now generally available and can be used for access control by defining conditions on role-assignments based on resource and request attributes.
10/17/2022, Preview Announcements
Stream Analytics now supports end-to-end exactly once semantics when writing to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
You can now configure a Stream Analytics job to write streaming data to either a new or an existing delta lake yable in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.
9/20/2022, GA Announcements
Immutable storage for Azure Data Lake Storage is now generally available. Immutable storage provides the capability to store data in a write once, read many (WORM) state.
Microsoft Purview data sharing for in-place data sharing for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS Gen2) and Azure Blob Storage is now in public preview.