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Monitoring Azure and on-premises services. Aggregate and analyze metrics, logs, and traces. Fire alerts and send notifications or call automated solutions.

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  1. 9/14/2022, Learning Path
    Learn how to monitor the usage, performance, and availability of resources using Azure Monitor.


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Use OpenTelemetry-based instrumentation with vender-neutral APIs to power metrics, logs, and distributed traces in Azure Monitor application insights.
When you enable managed identity authentication in Logic App, and grant it permissions in Log Analytics workspace, or Application Insights component, you can query data without needing...
This is the 3rd blog of a series on Azure App Service Limits illustrations: 1)  Azure App Service Limit (1) - Remote Storage (Windows) - Microsoft Community Hub   2)  Azure App Service Limit (2)...
This article outlines the typical challenges that customers may come across while operating an Azure Spring Apps service instance using the Standard and Enterprise plans within a virtual network...
VM Insights using Azure Monitor Agent provides various benefits like cost savings, simplified management experience and enhanced security & performance.
Azure OpenAI Service is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering REST API access to OpenAI's suite of revolutionary language models, including GPT-4, GPT-35-Turbo, and the...
With the rise of Artificial intelligence (AI), many industries and users are looking into ways to leverage this technology for their own development purposes and use cases. The field is expected...
Today we are excited to announce the general of Azure Spring Apps (ASA) landing zone accelerator. You can start deploying your spring applications to Azure Spring Apps at scale using the built...
Azure Monitor container insights now allows customers to configure custom collection settings for the Perf, Inventory, InsightsMetrics, and KubeEvents tables to reduce their Log Analytics ingestion.
Since launching support for Windows Containers in App Service back at Ignite in 2020, we’ve been working to close gaps in capabilities between code apps deployed to Windows app service plans and...
Azure Landing Zones provide a solid foundation for your cloud environment. When deploying complex AI services such as Azure OpenAI, using a Landing Zone approach helps you manage your resources...
After talking to Ryan Berry a little while back about OneStream's journey to Azure, the team catches back up with him to hear about how their architecture will evolve in the future to be more...
You can now ingest data directly from an event hub into a Log Analytics workspace
Container Insights supports monitoring pod sandboxed containers. Pod Sandboxing safeguards against “Container Breakout” scenarios such as a malicious or legitimate user escaping container...
Today we announce an improvement to the table-level RBAC used to assign permissions to specific tables
The new “browserSdkLoader” configuration in the Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Java Distro makes it easier than ever to enable Real User Monitoring (RUM) in Application Insights.
The Azure Monitor Agent Health experience is now available in preview. Identify data collection problems across your organization before they start impacting your business.
Azure Government Cloud customers can now enable VM Insights via the new Azure Monitor Agent, to monitor the client workload on the VMs or VMSS.
Public preview of Azure Virtual Desktop Insights Powered by Azure Monitor Agent feature in Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Monitor container insights is now generally available for AKS clusters with ARM64 nodes.