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Full observability into your applications, infrastructure, and network.


Monitoring Azure and on-premises services. Aggregate and analyze metrics, logs, and traces. Fire alerts and send notifications or call automated solutions.

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  1. 9/14/2022, Learning Path
    Learn how to monitor the usage, performance, and availability of resources using Azure Monitor.


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This post is a collaboration between Divya Swarnkar and Kent Weare   We are excited to announce a new capability in Integration Environment that allows you to monitor Azure Integration Services,...
Azure Resource Health helps you diagnose and get support for service problems that affect your Azure resources. Azure Resource Health now supports log search alert rules, so that you can use the...
Azure Monitor Logs is excited to introduce the next leap in log experience: Simple mode.  Simple Mode allows users to utilize Azure Monitor Logs in a simple, point-and-click experience,...
Kubernetes Metadata and Logs Filtering is now in Public Preview. Gain richer context and improved visibility into their workloads!
Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now surfaces default alerts via Azure Monitor for critical events such as replication health turning unhealthy, failover failures, agent expiry, and so on. You can...
As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services, the imperative for robust cloud solutions has never been greater. Azure stands at the forefront of this realm, offering architects and...
Container insights now supports out of the box visualizations using only managed Prometheus.
Use Azure Monitor to see Java metrics in Azure Container Apps and take advantage of all the Azure Monitor features.
At Microsoft Build 2024, we’re releasing a host of new features for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) aimed at making Kubernetes adoption easier and more accessible to a greater number of teams....
We are announcing public preview Azure Monitor pipeline (for edge). With this, we are now extending our Azure Monitor pipeline capabilities from the cloud to the edge, enabling seamless and...
Introduction As generative AI's adoption rapidly expands across various industries, integrating it into products, services, and operations becomes increasingly commonplace. However, it's crucial...
At KubeCon Europe 2024, we showed how Azure and Kubernetes can help you build and deploy intelligent applications. Even if you couldn’t visit us at the Microsoft booth or attend the conference...
After we published a sample workbook for organizing the Logic Apps events emitted to Application Insight in this blog post, we received feedback from multiple customers to have the ability to...
Azure Monitor Agent can now upload to Azure Storage and Event Hubs.
A common challenge for developers is the management of credentials for applications to use when connecting to resources. Managed identities provide an automatically managed identity in Microsoft...
Introduction   This article explores how the healthcare industry can utilize Generative AI, Large Language Model (LLM) Evaluation Metrics, and Machine Learning to streamline the patient referral...
Public Preview of Query editor in Azure Monitor Metrics is now Available! Get started with Azure Monitor Metrics Query editor to access advanced querying capabilities within Azure Monitor...
Introduction This article presents a robust and secure mechanism for transferring logs and metrics data from legacy apps running in the Operational Technology (OT) layer of a factory network to...
Azure Monitor Agent can now upload to Storage and Event Hubs.
Azure regularly updates its platform to enhance the host infrastructure for virtual machines, focusing on reliability, performance, and security. The updates can range from operating system,...