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Introduction Azure AI Landing Zones provide a solid foundation for deploying advanced AI technologies like OpenAI's GPT-4 models. These environments are designed to support AI enthusiasts, but...
    The following suggested Network example topologies are thought to follow Vnet integration practices within the API management. Therefore, these revolve around API management in internal...
You can securely connect to your App Service from the internet using the Application Gateway when you integrate your Application Gateway with App Service behind Private Endpoint.   This article...
This is the 3rd blog of a series on Azure App Service Limits illustrations: 1)  Azure App Service Limit (1) - Remote Storage (Windows) - Microsoft Community Hub   2)  Azure App Service Limit (2)...
This article outlines the typical challenges that customers may come across while operating an Azure Spring Apps service instance using the Standard and Enterprise plans within a virtual network...
Introduction to Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints:   Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints emerge as a pivotal solution within the Azure ecosystem. These endpoints play a vital role in fortifying the...
Today we are excited to announce the general of Azure Spring Apps (ASA) landing zone accelerator. You can start deploying your spring applications to Azure Spring Apps at scale using the built...
Azure Landing Zones provide a solid foundation for your cloud environment. When deploying complex AI services such as Azure OpenAI, using a Landing Zone approach helps you manage your resources...
After talking to Ryan Berry a little while back about OneStream's journey to Azure, the team catches back up with him to hear about how their architecture will evolve in the future to be more...
Azure Managed Lustre Lustre is an open-source parallel filesystem born for high performance computing as a research project back in 1999. Its name is the fusion of Linux and cluster, suggesting...
Azure Virtual Network encryption allows you to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt traffic between Azure Virtual Machines.
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction About the test environment About automounter Azure NetApp Files replication Configure Azure NetApp Files replication Setting up automounter The autofs...
Welcome to Build 2023! Welcome to this year's Build 2023 roundup of What’s New for Azure App Service! Build is in-person for the first time in many years (/woo-hoo!) and product group members...
Gain visibility of IP traffic flowing through your Virtual Networks
You can now connect Storage Accounts to Virtual Networks in all regions using global service endpoints (cross-region service endpoints).
Azure Logic Apps plans Consumption based vs Standard.     Consumption based Standard Pricing Plan Pay only for usage Based on a hosting plan Hosting...
Azure Virtual Network Manager (AVNM) is now generally available. AVNM is a one-stop shop for managing the connectivity and security of your network resources at scale.
We are happy to announce Azure Virtual Network Manager (AVNM), your one-stop shop for managing the connectivity and security of your network resources at scale, as generally available.
Microsoft Azure is excited to announce a new Secure Baseline scenario in the Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure App Service. This new scenario provides a simple, secure starting point to build...
Azure Virtual Network Manager event logging is now in preview.