Azure SQL Database

Build apps that scale with managed and intelligent SQL database in the cloud.


Azure SQL Database is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) database engine that handles most of the database management functions such as upgrading, patching, backups, and monitoring without user involvement. Azure SQL Database is always running on the latest stable version of the SQL Server database engine and patched OS with 99.99% availability. PaaS capabilities built into Azure SQL Database enable you to focus on the domain-specific database administration and optimization activities that are critical for your business.

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New Copilot skills assist in efficient management and operation of Azure SQL Database.
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Mirroring Azure SQL Database provides an easy experience to continuously replicate SQL DB data directly into Microsoft Fabric.
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VBS enclaves in Azure SQL Database brings the benefits of secure enclaves, rich confidential queries, and in-place cryptographic operations, to all Azure SQL Database offerings, independent from...
Build new and highly scalable applications on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale with lower pricing!
Get one free serverless Azure SQL Database per subscription for the lifetime of the subscription.
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