Azure SQL Database

Build apps that scale with managed and intelligent SQL database in the cloud.


Azure SQL Database is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) database engine that handles most of the database management functions such as upgrading, patching, backups, and monitoring without user involvement. Azure SQL Database is always running on the latest stable version of the SQL Server database engine and patched OS with 99.99% availability. PaaS capabilities built into Azure SQL Database enable you to focus on the domain-specific database administration and optimization activities that are critical for your business.

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Suppose you're deploying a web application that relies on a database. Instead of manually configuring the database each time you deploy your application, you can use an Init Container to handle...
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Today we are excited to announce the general of Azure Spring Apps (ASA) landing zone accelerator. You can start deploying your spring applications to Azure Spring Apps at scale using the built...
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In today's  fast-paced digital world, databases are at the heart of almost every application or service. Databases are responsible for storing and managing vast amounts of data, providing...
Cloud-native at Build 2023 Cloud-native development is a paradigm that aims to deliver scalable, resilient, and adaptable applications that can run on any cloud platform. Microsoft's cloud-native...
Azure Functions – May update With Microsoft Build happening, the team wanted to give an update on the latest releases in Azure Functions since the previous update in early January Azure Functions...
Purview DevOps policies can be used to assign permissions needed for performance monitoring and security auditing at scale and without direct connection to the database.
The Azure SQL Migration extension allows offline database migrations of on-premises and cloud SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database, providing a comprehensive modernization experience in...
Choosing Azure for your app modernization is an important first step, and figuring out how to effectively leverage all that Azure has to offer is the secret to your success. We believe hands-on...
Automatically scale compute based on workload demand using serverless for Hyperscale in Azure SQL Database.
VBS enclaves enable you with the flexibility to use Always Encrypted with secure enclaves in all Azure SQL Database offerings.
We're very pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure 5.0 is now generally available.    This major release includes the following features, improvements, and documentation updates:  Compatible...
We’re excited to announce that support for the new Azure Durable Functions storage providers, Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), is now generally available! Some of you may have learned...
We're pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure version 4.5.0 has been released and is available from Maven Central. This release is compatible with:   Spring Boot versions: 2.5.0 through...
Leverage new premium-series hardware based on the latest Intel CPUs that offers significantly improved performance and scalability on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale.
Azure Synapse Link for SQL enables seamless near-real-time data movement from relational sources in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022 to analytical stores without needing to build ETL pipelines.
Assess, get right-sized Azure recommendations for Azure migration targets, and migrate databases offline from on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.
I have a varied client base. Many of my customers are traditional larger financial organizations. But I also work with start-ups and software houses. (Microsoft calls these ISVs – Independent...