Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time analytics on fast-moving streaming data.


Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed stream processing engine that is designed to analyze and process large volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond latencies. Patterns and relationships can be identified in data that originates from a variety of input sources including applications, devices, sensors, clickstreams, and social media feeds. These patterns can be used to trigger actions and initiate workflows such as creating alerts, feeding information to a reporting tool, or storing transformed data for later use. Stream Analytics is also available on the Azure IoT Edge runtime, enabling to process data directly on IoT devices.

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Please note that Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA) will be retired on November 20, 2024.
You can connect directly to Kafka to ingest from Kafka clusters or output data to Kafka clusters in your Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) job.
You can ingest events in protobuf format into Azure Stream Analytics using a built-in deserializer.
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The no-code editor is now available in Azure Stream Analytics portal to enable building your Stream Analytics jobs effortlessly, no coding required.
Generally available: Autoscale Stream Analytics jobs
Are you using GitHub for managing your Stream Analytics project and looking to leverage GitHub's powerful CI/CD pipeline? Follow this comprehensive guide and learn to set up a CI/CD pipeline with...
Azure Stream Analytics supports for end-to-end exactly once semantics when writing to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.
You can connect directly to Kafka to ingest from Kafka clusters or output data to Kafka clusters in your Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) job.
Stream Analytics now supports end-to-end exactly once semantics when writing to Event Hub output.
Azure Stream Analytics offers dynamic blob container name to give customers the flexibility to customize container names in Blob storage output.
Azure Stream Analytics can now fetch schema from the Schema Registry and deserialize data from Event Hub inputs for Avro format.
You can connect your Azure Stream Analytics job to Azure Data Explorer / Kusto clusters using managed private endpoints
Use Stream Analytics to process exported data from Application Insights
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New features are now available in Stream Analytics no-code editor GA including Power BI output support, and data preview optimization. Power BI output feature enables you to build real-time...
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