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2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
Azure App Service has a handy authentication integration that takes away the work of integrating with various identity providers (currently: Azure Active Directory, Facebook, Google, Twitter and...
2/19/2018, TechNet Blogs
I'd last dabbled in Azure Site to Site (S2S) VPN or Virtual Network Gateways when the configuration was straightforward, but the feature-set was lacking. Given an opportunity to get back into...
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
I have an App Service here (currentdotnetversion) that shows the output of the current (when I wrote this article) .NET version using C# code.  Here is a partial code snippet: I took the code...
Categories: Azure - PaaS - .net - App Service - C#
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
I wrote this article “Resetting FTP password, using Publish Profile credentials, Azure App Service” here which may be of interest to you as well.  In this article, if your goal is to deleted the...
Categories: Azure - PaaS - App Service
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
If you would like to check the version of .NET core installed on the Azure App Service platform you can execute the following command from KUDU/SCM, which i discuss further here.  Also show in...
Categories: Azure - PaaS - .net - App Service - .Net Core
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
Visual Studio 2017 project to demo how to host a Web API or WebSockets server locally as a Windows Service. Possible uses: - Replace ActiveX dependencies blocking the migration to modern...
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing Power BI Report Server with my customers and colleagues. One of the most common questions I’m asked is: What are the...
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
Applies to Universal Resource Scheduling solution (version, Field Service application (version, Project Service Automation application (version On Dynamics 365...
Categories: Azure - IaaS - Azure Automation
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
One of these days, we saw a discussion around when a team should use Xamarin.Forms with plugins to access the Hardware or use the Native UI. What would be the recommended approach? What should be...
Categories: Mobile Services - Xamarin
2/19/2018, Microsoft Azure Blog
Last week in Azure, the Azure SDK for GA became generally available, Microsoft Build registration opened, we announced Microsoft Startups with up to $120,000 in free Azure credits, and more.
2/19/2018, MSDN Blogs
Guest post by Imperial College Industry Project Teams with Alice and Microsoft Azure Services. The team We are a group of undergraduates, studying Computing at Imperial College London. ● Joshua...
2/19/2018, TechNet Blogs
In this post we are going to add an application to Azure Active Directory and our purpose here is simply to let a PowerShell application access resources through REST APIs (same process for all...
Categories: Azure - IaaS - PaaS - Azure AD


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