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Date Title
8/8/2022 Azure Lab Services August 2022 update—Improved classroom and training experience
8/9/2022 Security for next generation telecommunication networks
8/9/2022 3 ways Azure Speech transforms game development with AI
8/9/2022 Microsoft is a Leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services
8/15/2022 Announcing Microsoft Dev Box Preview
8/16/2022 Azure Data Explorer: Log and telemetry analytics benchmark
8/17/2022 Gain Deeper Insights with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform
8/18/2022 Dive deep into NAT gateway’s SNAT port behavior
8/22/2022 High availability solutions on Microsoft Azure by SLES for SAP Applications
8/22/2022 Microsoft named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools
8/25/2022 Enhance Azure Firewall policy management with Tufin SecureTrack integration
8/29/2022 Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm–based processors—generally available
8/30/2022 Announcing new enhancements for Azure VMware Solution
8/30/2022 Azure private MEC—A thriving partner ecosystem
8/31/2022 Microsoft Cost Management updates – August 2022
8/31/2022 Elevate your visualizations with Azure Managed Grafana—now generally available
9/13/2022 Azure API for FHIR and Microsoft’s Power Platform help universities tackle COVID-19
9/14/2022 New Azure Space products enable digital resiliency and empower the industry
9/14/2022 Microsoft shares what's next in machine learning at NVIDIA GTC
9/20/2022 Wipro and Microsoft partner on services and accelerators for the new Microsoft Energy Data Services
9/21/2022 Azure Payment HSM achieves PCI PIN certification offering customers secure digital payments solutions in the cloud
9/22/2022 Cegal and Microsoft break down data silos and offer open collaboration with Microsoft Energy Data Services
9/22/2022 Future-ready IoT implementations on Microsoft Azure
9/26/2022 EPAM and Microsoft partner on data governance solutions with Microsoft Energy Data Services
9/27/2022 New Azure for Operators solution accelerator offers a fast path to network insights
9/28/2022 RoQC and Microsoft simplify cloud migration with Microsoft Energy Data Services
9/28/2022 Cost Management updates—September 2022
9/29/2022 Ensure zone resilient outbound connectivity with NAT gateway
9/29/2022 Strengthen your security with Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall
10/3/2022 Advancing anomaly detection with AIOps—introducing AiDice
10/4/2022 Microsoft and INT deploy IVAAP for OSDU Data Platform on Microsoft Energy Data Services
10/4/2022 Azure Firewall Basic now in preview
10/5/2022 Cost optimization using Azure Migrate
10/5/2022 Scalable management of virtualized RAN with Kubernetes
10/12/2022 Drive efficiency through automation and AI with the Microsoft Cloud
10/12/2022 How Microsoft Azure helps drive agility and optimization for your business
10/12/2022 Modernize with Microsoft Cloud, the most complete developer platform
10/18/2022 Announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver general availability
10/18/2022 Delivering consistency and transparency for cloud hardware security
10/19/2022 Visualize and monitor Azure & hybrid networks with Azure Network Watcher
10/19/2022 Enterprise-grade DDoS protection for SMBs now available in preview
10/20/2022 Azure Virtual WAN simplifies networking needs
10/20/2022 Leverage SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage to build a unified data lake
10/24/2022 Azure Scales 530B Parameter GPT-3 Model with NVIDIA NeMo Megatron
10/25/2022 Image Analysis 4.0 with new API endpoint and OCR model in preview
10/26/2022 Introducing Vision Studio, a UI-based demo interface for Computer Vision
10/26/2022 Microsoft Cost Management updates—October 2022
10/27/2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact study: Azure Arc delivers 206 percent ROI over 3 years
10/31/2022 Accenture and Microsoft drive digital transformation with OnePlatform on Microsoft Energy Data Services for OSDU™
10/31/2022 Microsoft named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services
11/1/2022 Secure your digital payment system in the cloud with Azure Payment HSM—now generally available
11/2/2022 Sharing the latest improvements to efficiency in Microsoft’s datacenters
11/2/2022 Build a globally resilient architecture with Azure Load Balancer
11/7/2022 Zero downtime migration for Azure Front Door—now in preview
11/8/2022 Announcing more Azure VMware Solution enhancements
11/8/2022 Accelerate your cloud-native journey with Azure Monitor
11/9/2022 Improve your energy and carbon efficiency with Azure sustainability guidance
11/9/2022 Azure comes to Dallas for Supercomputing
11/10/2022 New Project Flash Update: Advancing Azure Virtual Machine availability monitoring
11/10/2022 Do more with less using new Azure HX and HBv4 virtual machines for HPC
11/14/2022 How IoT, AI, and Digital Twins are helping achieve sustainability goals
11/15/2022 Empowering ISVs to build and sell with the Microsoft Cloud
11/16/2022 NBA and Microsoft team up to transform fan experiences with cloud application modernization
11/16/2022 AI and the need for purpose-built cloud infrastructure
11/16/2022 Announcing new capabilities for Azure Firewall
11/17/2022 Any developer can be a space developer with the new Azure Orbital Space SDK
11/17/2022 Microsoft named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Full Life Cycle API Management
11/17/2022 Expanding AI technology for unstructured biomedical text beyond English
11/29/2022 Voltus and Azure—no power integrity challenge too big to solve
11/29/2022 Microsoft Cost Management updates—November 2022
12/5/2022 Microsoft and Isovalent partner to bring next generation eBPF dataplane for cloud-native applications in Azure
12/5/2022 Improve speech-to-text accuracy with Azure Custom Speech
12/7/2022 3 key cloud adoption trends in migrating and modernizing workloads
12/7/2022 Microsoft Azure's defense in depth approach to cloud vulnerabilities
12/8/2022 Azure Storage Mover–A managed migration service for Azure Storage
12/12/2022 Start learning Azure today with new role-based skill guides
12/12/2022 Microsoft sponsors OWASP ModSecurity CRS to improve application security
12/14/2022 Forrester study finds 228 percent ROI when modernizing applications on Azure PaaS
12/14/2022 Microsoft Azure CLX: A personalized program to learn Azure
12/15/2022 Learn how Microsoft datacenter operations prepare for energy issues
12/19/2022 Microsoft named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Global Industrial IoT Platforms
12/20/2022 Microsoft Cost Management 2022 year in review
12/21/2022 Microsoft Innovation in RAN Analytics and Control
1/9/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines
1/9/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Development and Infrastructure Platforms, 2022
1/10/2023 Azure Confidential Computing on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Intel TDX
1/16/2023 General availability of Azure OpenAI Service expands access to large, advanced AI models with added enterprise benefits
1/17/2023 What's new in Azure Data & AI: Empowering retailers to streamline operations and accelerate time to value
1/23/2023 From Teams to PowerPoint: 10 ways Azure AI enhances the Microsoft Apps we use everyday
1/23/2023 Azure Native Qumulo Scalable File Service provides seamless, secure data storage
1/24/2023 Azure Native New Relic Service: Full stack observability in minutes
1/24/2023 Cloud to Edge for efficient, agile, and sustainable retail
1/30/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Computer Vision AI Software Platform 2022 Vendor Assessment
1/30/2023 Lessons learned optimizing Microsoft’s internal use of Azure
1/30/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide
1/31/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—January 2023
2/1/2023 Azure high-performance computing powers energy industry innovation
2/1/2023 Azure Native NGINXaas makes traffic management secure and simple—now generally available
2/1/2023 Microsoft Azure Load Testing is now generally available
2/1/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide MLOps Platforms 2022 Vendor Assessment
2/2/2023 Scale Azure Firewall SNAT ports with NAT Gateway for large workloads
2/7/2023 Roundup of AI breakthroughs by Microsoft and NVIDIA
2/7/2023 Azure Red Hat OpenShift for Microsoft Azure Government—now generally available
2/8/2023 Tune in today: Learn Live experts are ready to accelerate your skilling
2/8/2023 Secure your application traffic with Application Gateway mTLS
2/9/2023 Microsoft and NVIDIA experts talk AI infrastructure
2/9/2023 Automate your attack response with Azure DDoS Protection solution for Microsoft Sentinel
2/14/2023 Microsoft joins the FinOps Foundation
2/14/2023 Microsoft Azure Security expands variant hunting capacity at a cloud tempo
2/15/2023 H&R Block’s blockbuster data strategy
2/16/2023 7 reasons to join us at Azure Open Source Day
2/16/2023 DDoS Mitigation with Microsoft Azure Front Door
2/21/2023 Join the Azure Collective on Stack Overflow
2/21/2023 6 ways to improve accessibility with Azure AI
2/22/2023 Azure Managed Lustre—Parallel filing for HPC and AI workloads
2/22/2023 Azure Managed Lustre—Parallel file system for HPC and AI workloads
2/22/2023 Exploring mTLS setup to send a client certificate to the backend and OCSP validation
2/23/2023 Farming from space: How orbital data is unlocking novel agriculture insights
2/23/2023 Microsoft and Rockwell Automation collaborate on digital solutions for manufacturers
2/23/2023 Microsoft Azure innovation powers leading price-performance for SQL Server
2/24/2023 3 Microsoft Azure AI product features that accelerate language learning
2/26/2023 Azure private MEC delivers modern connected applications for industries
2/26/2023 Empowering operators and enterprises with the next wave of Azure for Operators services shaping the future of cloud
2/27/2023 Microsoft commercial marketplace: empowering customized experiences to drive innovation
2/27/2023 Microsoft commercial marketplace: Spend smarter, move faster
2/27/2023 What's new in Azure Data & AI: Azure is the best place to build and run AI workloads
2/27/2023 Agile teams align and get to market faster with Mural and Microsoft
3/2/2023 Azure VMware Solution in Microsoft Azure Government streamlines migration efforts
3/2/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—February 2023
3/2/2023 Azure WAF guided investigation Notebook using Microsoft Sentinel for automated false positive tuning
3/7/2023 Announcing a renaissance in computer vision AI with Microsoft's Florence foundation model
3/7/2023 Discover the latest innovations at Azure Open Source Day 2023
3/7/2023 Exploring open-source capabilities in Azure AI
3/8/2023 4 best-practices to keep your Windows Server estate secure and optimized
3/8/2023 Monitor Azure Virtual Network Manager changes with event logging
3/9/2023 ChatGPT is now available in Azure OpenAI Service
3/13/2023 Azure previews powerful and scalable virtual machine series to accelerate generative AI
3/14/2023 Announcing Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture: Accelerating innovation across the agriculture value chain
3/14/2023 Microsoft to showcase purpose-built AI infrastructure at NVIDIA GTC
3/15/2023 Protect against cyberattacks with the new Azure Firewall Basic
3/20/2023 Azure Data Manager for Energy: Achieve interoperability with Petrel
3/21/2023 Introducing GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI Service
3/22/2023 Connect, secure, and simplify your network resources with Azure Virtual Network Manager
3/23/2023 Modernize your apps and accelerate business growth with AI
3/29/2023 Enhanced Azure Arc integration with Datadog simplifies hybrid and multicloud observability
3/29/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—March 2023
3/30/2023 What’s new in Azure Data & AI: Azure is built for generative AI apps
4/3/2023 Announcing Azure Firewall enhancements for troubleshooting network performance and traffic visibility
4/3/2023 The Net Zero journey: Why digital twins are a powerful ally
4/4/2023 Defend against DDoS attacks with Azure DDoS IP Protection
4/4/2023 Discover an Azure learning community with Microsoft Learn rooms
4/10/2023 Important observations from Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2023
4/10/2023 New Azure App Service plans fuel greater choice and savings
4/11/2023 Azure Space technologies advance digital transformation across government agencies
4/11/2023 Boost your data and AI skills with Microsoft Azure CLX
4/12/2023 Announcing Project Health Insights Preview: Advancing AI for health data
4/12/2023 The future of healthcare is data-driven
4/13/2023 5 reasons to join us at Securely Migrate and Optimize with Azure
4/13/2023 Manage your APIs with Azure API Management’s self-hosted gateway v2
4/13/2023 How 5G and wireless edge infrastructure power digital operations with Microsoft
4/17/2023 Announcing the general availability of Azure CNI Overlay in Azure Kubernetes Service
4/18/2023 Isovalent Cilium Enterprise in Azure Marketplace
4/18/2023 Inside Azure for IT: 3 cloud strategies to navigate market uncertainty
4/19/2023 4 cloud cost optimization strategies with Microsoft Azure
4/19/2023 Unleash the power of APIs: Strategies for innovation
4/25/2023 Choose the best global distribution solution for your applications with Azure
4/27/2023 What’s new in Azure Data & AI: Helping organizations manage the data deluge
4/27/2023 Managing IP with Microsoft Azure and Cliosoft
5/1/2023 ISC 2023: Experience the power of HPC in the cloud with Microsoft Azure
5/2/2023 Secure your cloud environment with Cloud Next-Generation Firewall by Palo Alto Networks, an Azure Native ISV Service—now in preview
5/2/2023 Azure Virtual WAN introduces its first SaaS offering
5/3/2023 Preparing for future health emergencies with Azure HPC
5/3/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—April 2023
5/8/2023 Insights from the 2023 Open Confidential Computing Conference
5/10/2023 What’s new with Azure Files
5/10/2023 New and upcoming capabilities with Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch)—An Azure Native ISV Service
9/19/2023 How we interact with information: The new era of search
9/20/2023 Microsoft and Adobe partner to deliver cost savings and business benefits
9/21/2023 Manage your big data needs with HDInsight on AKS
9/26/2023 Accelerating Azure’s edge capabilities through collaborative partnerships
9/26/2023 AI for telecommunications with Azure for Operators
9/27/2023 Cloud Cultures, Part 4: Creating exceptional customer experiences in Italy
9/27/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—August, 2023
9/28/2023 What’s new in Data & AI: Expanding choices for generative AI app builders
10/3/2023 Microsoft Azure achieves HITRUST CSF v11 certification
10/4/2023 Announcing Microsoft Playwright Testing: Scalable end-to-end testing for modern web apps
10/10/2023 Get inspired: Five Microsoft partners using generative AI to enhance productivity
10/10/2023 Microsoft empowers health organizations with generative AI and actionable data insights
10/17/2023 Fostering AI infrastructure advancements through standardization
10/18/2023 The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team launches Radius, a new open application platform for the cloud
10/19/2023 Boost efficiency and cost savings with new sustainability guidance in the Cloud Adoption Framework
10/23/2023 Prompts are key in 2023: Twenty-five tips to help you unlock the potential of generative AI
10/24/2023 Unlock the power of Azure Data Manager for Energy with partners 
10/26/2023 FOCUS: A new specification for cloud cost transparency
10/26/2023 The new AI imperative: Unlock repeatable value for your organization with LLMOps  
10/30/2023 Project Flash update: Advancing Azure Virtual Machine availability monitoring
10/30/2023 Introducing Azure Bastion Developer: Secure and cost-effective access to your Azure Virtual Machines
10/31/2023 What’s new in Data & AI: Prioritize AI safety to scale with confidence
10/31/2023 Protect your web apps from modern threats with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
11/6/2023 Realize the full potential of your cloud investment with Azure optimization
11/6/2023 Building for the future: The enterprise generative AI application lifecycle with Azure AI
11/7/2023 Microsoft recognized as a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed Hybrid Infrastructure
11/7/2023 Microsoft is now a FinOps Certified Service Provider
11/7/2023 Come build with us: Microsoft and OpenAI partnership unveils new AI opportunities
11/8/2023 Azure sets a scale record in large language model training
11/9/2023 Evolving Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture to transform data into intuitive insights
11/9/2023 Microsoft Cost Management updates—November 2023
11/15/2023 Microsoft Azure delivers purpose-built cloud infrastructure in the era of AI
11/15/2023 Microsoft Azure AI, data, and application innovations help turn your AI ambitions into reality
11/20/2023 Advancing hybrid cloud to adaptive cloud with Azure
11/28/2023 Simplify and accelerate B2B tech commerce with the Microsoft commercial marketplace
11/28/2023 Democratizing FinOps: Transform your practice with FOCUS and Microsoft Fabric
11/29/2023 How Azure is ensuring the future of GPUs is confidential
11/30/2023 Building resilience to your business requirements with Azure
12/4/2023 The seven pillars of modern AI development: Leaning into the era of custom copilots
12/4/2023 Optimize your Azure cloud journey with skilling tools from Microsoft
12/5/2023 Harvesting AI-driven insights and efficiencies with agricultural data innovation
12/5/2023 Future proof—Navigating risk management with Azure OpenAI Service
12/6/2023 Microsoft named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Strategic Cloud Platform Services (SCPS)
12/7/2023 Infuse responsible AI tools and practices in your LLMOps
12/11/2023 Create new ways to serve your mission with Microsoft Azure Space
12/13/2023 Microsoft and Oracle announce that Oracle Database@Azure is now generally available
12/14/2023 Azure OpenAI Service powers the Microsoft Copilot ecosystem
12/14/2023 Microsoft is a leader in the 2023 IDC MarketScape for AI Governance Platforms
12/15/2023 Key customer benefits of the Microsoft and MongoDB expanded partnership
12/19/2023 Microsoft Cost Management—2023 year in review
12/19/2023 What’s new in Azure Data, AI, & Digital Applications: Modernize your data estate, build intelligent apps, and apply AI solutions
1/17/2024 Dynatrace and the Microsoft commercial marketplace: AI-powered cloud transformation
1/18/2024 Microsoft named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Container Management
1/23/2024 Quantifying the impact of developer experience
1/24/2024 Microsoft named a Leader in cloud and applications-centric marketplaces: IDC MarketScape
1/25/2024 Unwrapping the 2023 holiday season: A deep dive into Azure’s DDoS attack landscape
1/29/2024 Advancing application reliability with performance testing in Azure
1/30/2024 Achieve generative AI operational excellence with the LLMOps maturity model
1/30/2024 Elevate Azure expertise with new AI and optimization video episodes
1/31/2024 What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Are you ready to go from GenAI experimentation to solutions deployed at scale?
1/31/2024 Reflecting on 2023—Azure Storage
2/1/2024 Microsoft Cost Management updates—January 2024
2/1/2024 Harmonizing AI-enhanced physical and cloud operations 
2/6/2024 How H&R Block is using Azure OpenAI Service to bring ease to American taxpayers this season
2/8/2024 The Total Economic Impact™ of the Microsoft commercial marketplace
2/13/2024 Achieving sustainable growth with Azure and FinOps best practices 
2/13/2024 Azure Elastic SAN efficiently migrates SAN to the cloud—now generally available
2/16/2024 Continued innovation with Azure VMware Solution
2/20/2024 Dive into the future of cloud analytics with the Fabric Career Hub
2/20/2024 Introducing Azure Storage Actions: Serverless storage data management
2/20/2024 Streamline workflows with DevOps solutions from GitHub and Azure
2/21/2024 Microsoft supports cloud infrastructure demand in Europe
2/22/2024 Advancing Microsoft Azure resilience with Chaos Studio
2/22/2024 Explore cutting-edge AI solutions with Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC
2/26/2024 Modernizing and monetizing telecom networks with AI-powered Azure for Operators
2/26/2024 Microsoft and Mistral AI announce new partnership to accelerate AI innovation and introduce Mistral Large first on Azure
3/4/2024 Navigate a seamless cloud modernization with Microsoft assessment tools
3/5/2024 Tackle large volumes of data with new solution from SLB for Azure Data Manager for Energy
3/5/2024 What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Data operates as the currency of AI
3/6/2024 6 ways generative AI helps improve accessibility for all with Azure 
3/6/2024 Azure multicloud networking: Native and partner solutions
3/7/2024 Paralympian Lex Gillette’s top 7 AI tools for accessibility
3/7/2024 Modernize and build intelligent apps with support from Microsoft partner solutions
3/11/2024 Azure AI Health Bot helps create copilot experiences with healthcare safeguards
3/12/2024 Microsoft named a Leader in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service 
3/13/2024 Accelerate your productivity with the Whisper model in Azure AI now generally available
3/13/2024 Foster a more data-driven culture with generative AI in Microsoft Fabric
3/14/2024 Microsoft Cost Management updates—February 2024
3/18/2024 Study showcases how Microsoft Dev Box impacts developer productivity
3/18/2024 Microsoft and NVIDIA partnership continues to deliver on the promise of AI
3/19/2024 Microsoft open sources Retina: A cloud-native container networking observability platform
3/20/2024 Redis license update: What you need to know
3/21/2024 The business impact of migrating Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Azure
3/21/2024 Maximize your business potential: Migrate your Windows Server to Azure with expert resources
3/25/2024 Using Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Manager to enhance network security
3/25/2024 The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform—Unleash your data and accelerate your transformation
3/26/2024 Introducing modern data governance for the era of AI 
3/27/2024 Microsoft Azure delivers game-changing performance for generative AI Inference
3/28/2024 Announcing new tools in Azure AI to help you build more secure and trustworthy generative AI applications
3/29/2024 Microsoft Azure AI celebrates Women’s History Month through our customers
4/1/2024 New infrastructure for the era of AI: Emerging technology and trends in 2024
4/2/2024 Cloud Cultures, Part 5: Embracing innovation and preserving a vibrant identity in Mexico
4/3/2024 Azure Maia for the era of AI: From silicon to software to systems
4/4/2024 Announcing updates to Azure AI Search to help organizations build and scale generative AI applications
4/4/2024 What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Helping you navigate the fast pace of change
4/5/2024 Get ready for AI at the Migrate to Innovate digital event
4/8/2024 Advancing memory leak detection with AIOps—introducing RESIN
4/8/2024 Empowering operators through generative AI technologies with Azure for Operators
4/9/2024 Cloud Cultures, Part 6: Accelerating collective growth in Malaysia
4/10/2024 Microsoft Cost Management updates—March 2024