Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Deploy and scale containers on managed Red Hat OpenShift.


The Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift service enables you to deploy fully managed OpenShift clusters. Azure Red Hat OpenShift extends Kubernetes. Running containers in production with Kubernetes requires additional tools and resources. This often includes needing to juggle image registries, storage management, networking solutions, and logging and monitoring tools - all of which must be versioned and tested together. Building container-based applications requires even more integration work with middleware, frameworks, databases, and CI/CD tools. Azure Red Hat OpenShift combines all this into a single platform, bringing ease of operations to IT teams while giving application teams what they need to execute.

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Get ready for the ultimate Spring conference in Barcelona from May 30-31! Connect with over 1200 attendees, enjoy 70 expert speakers, and engage in 60 talks and 7 hands-on workshops. Microsoft...
Azure Red Hat OpenShift version 4.14 is now available at install time.
New features include support for ARO in Azure Terraform provider, ability to bring your own NSG, new GPU instance types for Day 2 operations, and more!
With nonstop breakthroughs in AI and cloud computing, the pace of technological innovation never slows. But our dedication to empowering Java developers to achieve more doesn’t miss a step....
Azure Red Hat OpenShift now offers Resource Health for clusters with integration with Azure Monitor via Signals and Alerts.
Azure Red Hat OpenShift version 4.13 is now available at install time.
Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now available in Italy North region.
Azure Red Hat OpenShift now offers extended support, larger cluster size, and tagging support.
Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now DoD IL4 certified, allows you to deploy infrastructure nodes without an OpenShift subscription fee, and provides increased security by allowing private clusters...
Today we are thrilled to announce the availability of the Azure Container Apps (ACA) Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA). You can start deploying your containerized workloads to Azure Container Apps...
You now have more virtual machine sizes to choose from in Azure Red Hat OpenShift.