Azure VMware Solution

Run your VMware workloads natively on Azure.


Azure VMware Solution provides you with private clouds that contain VMware vSphere clusters built from dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure. The minimum initial deployment is three hosts, but more hosts can be added one at a time, up to a maximum of 16 hosts per cluster. All provisioned private clouds have VMware vCenter Server, VMware vSAN, VMware vSphere, and VMware NSX-T Data Center. As a result, you can migrate workloads from your on-premises environments, deploy new virtual machines (VMs), and consume Azure services from your private clouds.


11/9/2022, GA Announcements
Azure NetApp Files for datastores is now generally available in Azure VMware Solution.
11/8/2022, GA Announcements
Optimize workloads with new node sizes, AV52, and AV36P, now generally available in Azure VMware Solution.
11/8/2022, Azure Blog
 With Azure VMware Solution,  IT agility is a top priority as organizations enabled remote work and ensured business resilience via cloud solutions. In today’s economic climate most organizations...
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
Microsoft is announcing the public preview of stretched clusters for Azure VMware Solution, providing 99.99% uptime for customers mission critical applications.
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
Microsoft is announcing customer-managed keys for Azure VMware Solution. This new feature will support higher security for customers’ mission critical workloads.
10/8/2022, GA Announcements
Today we’re officially announcing the general availability of a simpler, more reliable, and modernized way to protect your VMware virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery, for recovering...
VMware Cloud Director Service on Azure VMware Solutions allows you to self-service provision and manage multiple virtual datacenters through multi-tenancy in your Azure VMware Solutions private...
8/30/2022, Azure Blog
When we launched Azure VMware Solution two years ago amid a pandemic, IT agility became a top priority as organizations scrambled to enable remote work and ensure business resilience via cloud...
8/22/2022, GA Announcements
Public IP capability on Azure VMware Solution provides internet connectivity for Azure VMware Solution workloads. You can now use NSX-T manager as your security terminating point.
8/22/2022, GA Announcements
vRealize Log Insights Cloud with Azure VMware Solution support is now generally available.
8/22/2022, GA Announcements
Azure VMware Solution has now expanded to Sweden Central. This is in addition to multiple regions across US, Europe, Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
8/8/2022, GA Announcements
Introducing the migration capability to move existing replications from classic to modernized experience for disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines, enabled using Azure Site Recovery.
Optimize and scale storage for Azure VMware Solution environments.