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Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database. With the click of a button, Azure Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure's geographic regions. It offers throughput, latency, availability, and consistency guarantees with comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs), something no other database service can offer.

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Introduction Technology makes our life easier and helps us solve complex problems. Everyday we look for ways to automate a recurring task, integrate multiple services to build a solution that...
You can view the full series of GraphQL on Azure articles on my website.   This is the last in the three part sub-series looking at the newly launched Data API builder for Azure Databases (DAB)...
You can view the full series of GraphQL on Azure articles on my website.   In the last post I introduced you to a new project we've been working on, Data API builder for Azure Databases (DAB) and...
You can view the full series of GraphQL on Azure articles on my website.   I'm really excited because today we launched the first public preview of Data API builder for Azure Databases or DAB for...
Build CDC data flows from Azure Cosmos DB analytical store, at no RUs cost, with Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Data Factory.
Use new burstable compute in single node configurations to start small with distributed Postgres and scale out later.
Onboard even larger distributed Postgres workloads to Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL with fewer nodes using 4 TiB, 8 TiB, or 16 TiB storage per node.
Building a URL shortener is much easier now using the Serverless technologies in Azure. In this post, we will discuss developing this solution.   Here is the overall architecture of the...
Improve application performance by creating indexes on your cluster key index and run faster queries in Azure Cosmos DB for Apache Cassandra.
The team catches up with April Edwards to learn about the benefits of using Bicep to deploy Azure resources.   Media...
We're very pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure 5.0 is now generally available.    This major release includes the following features, improvements, and documentation updates:  Compatible...
Now in public preview: managed ingestion from Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer in near real time.
Import data into Power BI dashboards using DirectQuery mode when filtering so aggregations can be pushed down to Azure Cosmos DB to reduce data movement and improve performance.
We're pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure version 4.5.0 has been released and is available from Maven Central. This release is compatible with:   Spring Boot versions: 2.5.0 through...
Authenticate to Azure Functions with Azure Active Directory using the Azure Cosmos DB extension version 4.
See multiple updated API names in Azure Cosmos DB on product pages, in technical documentation, and billing that will not impact your experience, product functionality, or performance.
Create Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL clusters now in the Sweden Central and Switzerland West regions.
Experience even greater compatibility for native Apache Cassandra with materialized view.
Build applications with cross-region read replicas for read scalability and disaster recovery with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.
Run the latest Citus 11.1 version when using clusters in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL clusters, a managed service for distributed Postgres databases.