Azure Container Apps

Build and deploy modern apps and microservices using serverless containers.


Deploy containerized apps without managing complex infrastructure. Write code using your preferred programming language or framework, and build microservices with full support for Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr). Scale dynamically based on HTTP traffic or events powered by Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA).

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  1. 4/26/2022, Video, 0:03:03
    In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks, learn how to get started with Azure Container Apps. Containers offer a great way to develop and run applications in a consistent...
  2. 2/2/2022, Video, 0:12:24
    Build and deploy container-based apps and microservices at scale, with the new fully managed Azure Container Apps service. Jeff Hollan, serverless technology expert for...


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  In the Part 1 of this article, we discussed the implementation of Azure Python SDK for managing Azure Container Apps while using the DefaultAzureCredentials with Azure CLI (Developer...
Microsoft JDConf 2024 is just around the corner, making it the go-to event for Java developers everywhere. With 21 sessions, more than 10 hours of live streaming content, and even more to watch...
This is a step by step, no fluff guide to building and architecting cloud native applications. Cloud application development introduces unique challenges: applications are distributed, scale...
In today's world, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are essential for connecting applications and services, driving digital innovation. But with the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud setups,...
You can now run containers apps that accept TCP connections on multiple ports.
We've looked at the why and what of infra for developers so now it's time to put it into action with the how. What separates this from a more generic tutorial on Azure infra? This is not meant to...
The recently announced .NET 8's Aspire stack for building cloud-native apps is a great match for Azure Container Apps. .NET Aspire was designed to easily manage applications comprised of a series...
A week ago I gave a quick intro to why developers should look into infrastructure but conveniently (and intentionally) skipped going into details on how to solve things. A few details remain...
Customers in their migration/modernization journey to cloud want to update their apps to be compatible with the cloud and rebuild the apps as microservices that involve tasks that run for a short...
  Welcome to the first episode of the Java on Azure Container Apps blog series! In case you missed the introductory episode, you can read it here to get a sense of what it’s about and what you...
Introduction Multi-cloud architecture, an advanced IT strategy that has been gaining popularity in the industry, involves utilizing multiple cloud computing services from various providers, such...
You can now get started quickly with cognitive search using Azure Container Apps and its native integration with three popular open source vector database variants.
You can now focus on your code and quickly take your application from source to cloud. There’s no need to understand containers or how to package application code for deployment.
You can now provision Container Apps with workload profiles securely at an enterprise scale with a landing zone.
You can now use and customize policies that provide high value resiliency capabilities and apply them to your Container Apps.
You can now run GPU-enabled workloads in Azure Container Apps.
 The Logic Apps standard VS Code extension seamlessly extends the Logic App designer empowering users to transition from developing workflows in the cloud to a local environment. The intuitive...
Azure Container Apps is a modern PaaS platform designed for container-first Cloud Native apps and microservices. Azure Container Apps delivers a fully serverless pay-per-use Consumption hosting...
It is exciting to have Microsoft Ignite happening this week and the team wanted to give an update on the latest releases of Azure Functions since the previous update in May Azure Functions – May...
  Enterprise application migrations often require deep insights and stakeholder alignment across a variety of use cases, whether at the portfolio or application level. Azure Migrate is...