Microsoft Cost Management

Monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency using Microsoft Cost Management.


Cost Management + Billing is a suite of tools provided by Microsoft that help you analyze, manage, and optimize the costs of your workloads. Using the suite helps ensure that your organization is taking advantage of the benefits provided by the cloud.


Learning Modules

Published: 10/12/2022, Length: 0:50:00


  As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a...
10/26/2022, Azure Blog
Get ready to amp up your savings! October is all about cost optimization with Azure savings plans—a more flexible way to save by pre-committing to hourly usage—the GA of the Azure Advisor score,...
9/28/2022, Azure Blog
New in September are support for budgets in the Azure mobile app, cost savings insights in the cost analysis preview, and new licensing benefits for partners. Add 7 new GA updates and 3 doc...
9/6/2022, Azure Podcast
James Tabor from the Azure CXP CRE (Customer Reliability Engineering) team shares how he improves team productivity by building Power Platform Apps and gives us tips and tricks to get us started...
8/31/2022, Azure Blog
August brings simplified billing account management for organizations with multiple tenants, a new way to discover updates in Cost Management, 15 new and updated ways to save in Azure, and 3 new...