Microsoft Cost Management

Monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency using Microsoft Cost Management.


Cost Management + Billing is a suite of tools provided by Microsoft that help you analyze, manage, and optimize the costs of your workloads. Using the suite helps ensure that your organization is taking advantage of the benefits provided by the cloud.

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You can export Cost Management data to secure storage accounts with firewall.
Export Cost Management data to secure storage accounts with firewall
This week Cale talks to Radhika Bollineni, Engineering Manager for Wordpress on App Service, about how to easily create WordPress sites in your Azure subscription to publish your content, using...
As part of digital transformation, an enterprise needs to align both business and technology investments in Azure Cloud services. It’s not just about saving money but to make strategic...
Cale and Russell talk to the Microsoft Program Manager for DevBox and Azure Deployment Environments, Sagar Chandra Reddy Lankala, about how Azure Deployment Environments can enable rapid...
April introduces scheduled cost alerts for Azure Government and a wealth of tips and new ways to save with Microsoft 365 and Azure, plus 8 new and updated docs. Enjoy!
March is all about expanding existing capabilities, like configuring scheduled alerts for built-in views in Cost analysis, getting additional details about included costs in the Cost analysis...
February brings exciting news as Microsoft joins the FinOps Foundation, Azure pricing pages get a slew of updates, and tag inheritance gets an API update.
January is always exciting, and this year is no different with the general availability of EA account management for indirect customers, recent and pinned views in the Cost analysis preview, 3...
Manage your enrollment hierarchy, view account usage, and monitor costs directly from the Azure Cost Management and Billing menu on the Azure portal (for indirect enterprise agreement customers)
In some ways, 2022 is what we expected out of 2021. Perhaps it’s better late than never, but the world is beginning to get back to normal—albeit a new normal where hybrid work is a default rather...
Reza Rahman, a Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure talks to us about the work his team has done to enable customers using legacy Java frameworks to easily migrate to Azure in a variety of...
What better way to go into the holiday season than with a long-awaited, major new preview for Cost Management tag inheritance. Add new cost recommendations for VM scale sets and 3 new preview...
  As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a...
Get ready to amp up your savings! October is all about cost optimization with Azure savings plans—a more flexible way to save by pre-committing to hourly usage—the GA of the Azure Advisor score,...
New in September are support for budgets in the Azure mobile app, cost savings insights in the cost analysis preview, and new licensing benefits for partners. Add 7 new GA updates and 3 doc...