Traffic Manager

Route incoming traffic for high performance and availability.


Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS-based traffic load balancer. This service allows you to distribute traffic to your public facing applications across the global Azure regions. Traffic Manager also provides your public endpoints with high availability and quick responsiveness.

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    The following suggested Network example topologies are thought to follow Vnet integration practices within the API management. Therefore, these revolve around API management in internal...
Always Serve feature for Azure Traffic Manager (ATM) is now generally available. This feature allows you to disable endpoint health checks from an ATM profile and always serve traffic to that...
Azure Load Testing is a fully managed load testing service that enables you to easily generate high scale load and gain actionable insights into the performance and scalability of your...
The Azure DNS team has expanded its infrastructure to leverage multiple hardware and software stacks for its public DNS platform, including Azure Traffic Manager (ATM) increasing resiliency for...
Russell and Sujit talk to Dave Salvator, Director of Accelerated Computing Products at NVIDIA, about a new offering in Azure via the Marketplace that will make it easier to get NVIDIA's software...
We are excited to announce that the AlwaysServe feature for Azure Traffic Manager is now available in Public Preview. This feature allows customers to disable endpoint health checks from an ATM...
Azure Traffic Manager now enables reserving domain labels across all traffic manager profiles.