Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Manage and scale up to thousands of Linux and Windows VMs.


Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets let you create and manage a group of load balanced VMs. The number of VM instances can automatically increase or decrease in response to demand or a defined schedule.

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Azure Government Cloud customers can now enable VM Insights via the new Azure Monitor Agent, to monitor the client workload on the VMs or VMSS.
One is deploying an HPC embarrassingly parallel application in Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSSs) and realized that (i) ssh into VM instances is possible even when they have not been fully...
Cale, Evan and Sujit talk to Neha Rathod, Akshay Gupta, Garv Jasuja and Vijay Chiluveru, who are Graduate Students at Penn State University that have developed a wireless monitoring device to...
Rolling Upgrades with MaxSurge provides you a new way of upgrading VM instances in a Virtual Machine Scale Set to the latest scale set model.
Evan and Sujit talk to Allison Jones, a Group PM for Azure's AIOps System Team. She gives us insights into how Microsoft uses AI/ML to analyze various signals from Azure to provide actionable...
You can now customize the right sizing recommendations for virtual machines and virtual machine scale sets to make them more relevant and actionable for your workloads.
This case study focuses on Contoso, an Azure customer who uses Cassandra DB along with scheduled events to power their highly available internal and customer-facing applications. It will cover a...
Introduction: Microsoft has officially announced that it will end support for its High-Performance Computing (HPC) Pack 2012 R2 on April 11th, 2023. This means that Microsoft will no longer...
In this episode we chat with Andrés Padilla and Meer Alam about practical use of AI and ML systems.  Examples of this are discussed around autonomous drone / delivery models and the various...
Application insights extension enables easy to use application monitoring for IIS-hosted .NET Framework and .NET Core applications running on Azure VMs and VM scale sets.
Financial Services Industry (FSI) is one of the largest consumers of HPC environments in the cloud. To evaluate the performance of these systems, it is important to use benchmark tests that...
Sujit and Evan are joined by Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager for Networking at Microsoft, to discuss Azure DDOS protection. Media File: Edpisode447.mp3 YouTube:...
  As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a...
You can use new cost recommendations for Virtual Machine Scale Sets for optimization.
The team talks to Cesar De la Torre Llorente, a Principal Architect in the Azure team, about the new style of applications that leverage the 5G wireless network in Azure. This enables new...
Predictive autoscale manages and scales your virtual machine scale sets by observing and learning from historical CPU usage patterns.
You can now include standard VMs and Spot VMs in the same Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set. New VM-series are now supported with Virtual Machine Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode.
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