API Management

Publish APIs to developers, partners, and employees securely and at scale.


Application logic is often provided as an API instead of via an interface usable by end users. API Management can help with marketing an API. Provisioned APIs can be assigned permissions, supplemented by converting input and output values, and supplied with product-specific SLAs. The usage of APIs can be monitored, evaluated, and billed accordingly as necessary. The provisioned API can be operated on Azure or externally.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 8/26/2022, Whitepaper
    Learn how to turn your data into a competitive edge by exposing your APIs. Read stories from companies who have used Azure API Management to create new value for their...
  2. 7/20/2022, Learning Module
    Learn how the API Management service functions, how to transform and secure APIs, and how to create a backend API.
  3. 5/12/2022, Learning Path
    Learn how to architect API integration in Azure, and provide secure, scalable API access for your applications.
  4. 10/4/2022, Lab
    This hands-on-lab will guide you through the different concepts around Azure API Management, from the creation to the DevOps, including good practices in terms of versioning,...
  5. 10/4/2022, Ebook
    This e-book is designed for technical leaders tasked with establishing a new API program for their organization or maturing an existing program. It will provide insights and...


Learning Modules

Published: 7/20/2022, Length: 0:37:00


11/17/2022, Azure Blog
We are excited to share that Gartner® has positioned Microsoft as a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Full Life Cycle API Management—the third consecutive year Microsoft has been recognized...
9/25/2022, Azure Podcast
Kendall and Sujit talk to Tom Kerkhove again, now a Software Engineer in the Azure team and still the maintainer of KEDA. He gives us insights into the new API Management Self Hosted Gateway...
9/14/2022, GA Announcements
Easily deploy APIs in a CI/CD pipeline with API Management DevOps Resource Toolkit v1.0.0.
8/31/2022, GA Announcements
Add custom logic to the managed developer portal capabilities and leverage improved custom widget development.
8/17/2022, GA Announcements
Support for 11 policy definitions increases security of Azure API Management services and APIs that they expose.
8/17/2022, GA Announcements
Enable a secure OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow when using Azure Active Directory or Azure Active Directory B2C identity providers.
You can now use App Service, Container Apps, or API Management as an API backend in Azure Static Web Apps.
6/22/2022, GA Announcements
API Management Content Security Policy detects and mitigates common attacks in the developer portal and enables Captcha and OAuth in self-hosted portals.
6/22/2022, GA Announcements
Support for OpenTelemetry and a new deployment option with Helm.
Simplify the process of managing authorization using APIs against backend services using OAuth2.
6/8/2022, GA Announcements
Organize policy components into reusable modules that can be inserted into any policy document.