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Azure Update - 24th May 2024 - BUILD Special
Sooo many updates :-) Make sure you check out the Build Book of News at https://aka.ms/build-book-of-news. 🔎 Looking for content on a particular topic? Search the channel. If I have something...
Unleash the Potential of APIs with Azure API Management | BRK132
5/24/2024, Microsoft Developer
Join us to learn through practical demos how to use Azure API Management to expose Azure OpenAI services, manage OpenAI tokens allocation, distribute load across multiple model deployments and...
MVP 聚技站 - 低程式碼 AI 時代 TW(四):用於邏輯應用程序標準的 APIM 連接器
5/13/2024, Microsoft Reactor
「微軟最有價值專家推出“MVP 聚技站”系列主題專欄,邀請多位微軟最有價值專家,針對初學者、開發者感興趣的科技話題,帶來專業的科技課程講解與實踐經驗分享,幫助大家更快掌握最新的科技技能。」 五月,「MVP 聚技站」開啟全新專題——「低程式碼 AI 時代」系列,邀請數位 Data Platform 和 Business Application 相關領域的微軟最有價值專家,從...
Power Platform + SAP: Working with SAP API Management
5/3/2024, SAP on Azure
The new SAP OData Connector in Power Platform enables users to easily connect to SAP Systems via OData. In this video we show how to leverage SAP API Management with an API-Key policy to...
Running a robotics company on Azure | #MVPConnect
4/24/2024, Microsoft Reactor
We built CartePlus, a platform for high-throughput order fulfillment using robots. I'll do a deep dive into how all this was developed with .NET on Azure using IoT Hub, Web PubSub, App...
Learn Live: Azure OpenAI Application Identity & Security
4/23/2024, Microsoft Reactor
Full series information: https://aka.ms/learnlive-fta3 More info here: https://aka.ms/learnlive-fta3-Ep12 Follow on Microsoft Learn: - Session documentation:...
Learn Live: Load Balancing Azure OpenAI instances using APIM and Container
4/22/2024, Microsoft Reactor
Full series information: https://aka.ms/learnlive-fta3 More info here: https://aka.ms/learnlive-fta3-Ep10 In this session we will show how to effectively load balance Azure OpenAI instances...
Azure Update - 5th April 2024
Very quick update but some really big network announcements. Terrible sound this week but sitting on the floor with laptop so nothing I can do :-) 🔎 Looking for content on a particular topic?...
Intro to Azure OpenAI Service for Generative AI | #AzureHappyHours
4/3/2024, Microsoft Reactor
You’ll learn how to get started with Azure OpenAI by provisioning the service as an Azure resource and using Azure OpenAI Studio to deploy and explore generative AI models. How do you think...
Azure Update - 29th March 2024
Nice select of updates this week and sorry about text being cut off on top line, didn't realize until after recording. My bad! 🔎 Looking for content on a particular topic? Search the channel....
#184 - The one with SAP API Management and Entra ID (Vinayak Adkoli) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast
3/23/2024, SAP on Azure
In episode 184 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk again about Single Sign-On. For a VERY long time when I was working at SAP, I was working alongside a very special colleague and friend,...
Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service | #AzureHappyHours
3/18/2024, Microsoft Reactor
The session will focus on developers and IT Pros & Solutions Architects. What will attendees gain from the session? -Learn about Azure OpenAI workloads and how to access the Azure OpenAI...