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11/16/2022, Azure Podcast
Sujit and Evan are joined by Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager for Networking at Microsoft, to discuss Azure DDOS protection. Media File: Edpisode447.mp3 YouTube:...
11/10/2022, Preview Announcements
Azure Front Door Standard and Premium supports enabling managed identities for Azure Front Door to access Azure Key Vault.
11/10/2022, Preview Announcements
You can use this feature to migrate Azure Front Door (classic) to Azure Front Door Standard and Premium with zero downtime.
11/10/2022, Preview Announcements
You can now use this feature to upgrade your Azure Front Door Standard profile to Premium tier without downtime.
11/7/2022, GA Announcements
Increase your security posture and reduce false positives with Default Rule Set 2.1, now generally available on Azure's global Web Application Firewall running on Azure Front Door.
11/7/2022, Azure Blog
We are excited to announce the preview of the Azure Front Door tier migration capability as well as some new additional features.
11/1/2022, GA Announcements
All the newly created Azure Front Door, Azure Front Door (classic) or Azure CDN Standard from Microsoft (classic) resources will block any HTTP request that exhibits domain fronting behavior.
Azure Firewall Manager now supports the ability to manage Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies for application delivery platforms, Application Gateway, and Azure Front Door, at scale...