Web Application Firewall

A cloud-native web application firewall (WAF) service that provides powerful protection for web apps.

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Homepage: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/web-application-firewall/
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  1. 9/14/2022, Learning Module
    Describe how Azure Web Application Firewall protects Azure web applications from common attacks, including its features, how it’s deployed, and its common use cases.


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Microsoft Azure is excited to announce a new Secure Baseline scenario in the Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure App Service. This new scenario provides a simple, secure starting point to build...
Azure Web Application Firewall (Azure WAF) provides centralized protection of your web applications from exploits and vulnerabilities.
Azure’s regional Web Application Firewall (WAF) running on Application Gateway now supports improved scale limits, including HTTP listener count, as well as additional metrics dimensions.
Azure’s WAF now supports multiple new features - SQLi and XSS detection queries, new built-in Azure policies, and increased exclusions limit with support for exclusions on bot manager rule set.
As the name suggests, WordPress on Azure App Service is built on top of Azure App Service and takes advantage of all the advanced features in Azure App Service to build, deploy, and manage your...
Azure's regional Web Application Firewall on Application Gateway now supports customizing actions per rule. This new functionality allows you greater control over how the Web Application Firewall...
This rule set provides you enhanced protection against bots and provides granular control over bots detected by WAF by categorizing bot traffic as good, bad, or unknown bots.
Azure Networking Engineering Manager Abhishek Tiwari joins us once again, this time to talk about all of the work his team has done to add L7 and DDOS protection at the Edge and the enhancements...
Increase your security posture and reduce false positives with Default Rule Set 2.1, now generally available on Azure's global Web Application Firewall running on Azure Front Door.
I have a varied client base. Many of my customers are traditional larger financial organizations. But I also work with start-ups and software houses. (Microsoft calls these ISVs – Independent...
On October 12 we announced new technical guidance to help customers and partners achieve their sustainability goals using Azure – guidance to help you to plan your path forward, improve your...
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Azure regional Web Application Firewall (WAF) supports operators “Any” and “GreaterThanOrEqual”, improving WAF tuning capabilities. Azure's global WAF now supports geo-match filtering using the...
Azure Firewall Manager supports the ability to manage DDoS Protection plans and Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies for workloads and applications, within a centralized place, at scale.
Azure Firewall Manager now supports the ability to manage Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies for application delivery platforms, Application Gateway, and Azure Front Door, at scale...
Kyle Teegarden, a Senior PM in the DevDiv group, gets us re-acquainted with the Redis offering on Azure and discusses all the latest features including the Enterprise tier. Media...
Latest updates and new enhancements available for Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF).