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Azure Container Apps is a powerful tool for running containerized applications in the cloud. However, if you need to transfer files (custom log files, network captures, etc.) from your container...
Building a URL shortener is much easier now using the Serverless technologies in Azure. In this post, we will discuss developing this solution.   Here is the overall architecture of the...
Background: Function App supports to integrate Managed Identities to connect to resources that support Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. There are two types of Managed...
Throughout the Azure HPC panorama, Azure CycleCloud is the tool of choice where HPC workloads requiring a scheduler like OpenPBS, Slurm or IBM LSF are migrated on Azure in a full cloud or in a...
WordPress on Azure App Service combines the power of WordPress and Azure App Service to bring you a fully managed, scalable, and performant WordPress hosting solution. In this article, we will...
  Azure Container Apps (ACA) are built on a solid open source foundation. Behind the scenes, it runs on a managed Kubernetes cluster and includes several open source components, including Dapr...
As the name suggests, WordPress on Azure App Service is built on top of Azure App Service and takes advantage of all the advanced features in Azure App Service to build, deploy, and manage your...
Now you can interact with your Azure Blob Storage directly from Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, making it a perfect staging environment for getting your data into the cloud.
Azure Blob Storage now supports provisioning an SFTP endpoint with just one click.
SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage is a fully managed, highly scalable SFTP service which enables simple, secure, and easy-to-manage file transfers.
Contents Storage Azure Blob Storage lifecycle management  Orphaned Managed Disks  Geo-Redundant Storage Accounts  Recovery Services Vault  Recovery Services Vault & Backup Vaults  How to change...
Azure Cloud Shell automatically has the latest version of Terraform installed. Also, as Terraform is run from the cloud it automatically uses information from the current Azure subscription and...
Running Terraform locally in Windows along with the Azure CLI gives you a bit more flexibility in large corporates due to eliminating the need to connect to Azure Cloud Shell from VS Code, which...
Immutable storage for Blob Storage on containers now includes a new append capability.
Microsoft Purview data sharing for in-place data sharing for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS Gen2) and Azure Blob Storage is now in public preview.