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Safeguard and maintain control of keys and other secrets.

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Microsoft Azure is excited to announce a new Secure Baseline scenario in the Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure App Service. This new scenario provides a simple, secure starting point to build...
Azure NetApp Files volumes now support encryption with customer-managed keys (CMK), using Azure Key Vault for key storage, to enable an extra layer of security for data at rest.
Welcome to the new Logic Apps Aviators community. We're excited to share our first newsletter with you. Read more about this new initiative and catch up on recent Microsoft news from us and our...
Authentication is a key step in the user journey of any application. Going about designing the authentication flow can be confusing and not straightforward. When load testing an application, this...
Context Many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are exchanging information with devices, applications, services, or humans. In many cases the information passed can be a file or a blob. Each of...
Azure Front Door Standard and Premium supports enabling managed identities for Azure Front Door to access Azure Key Vault.
Cale and Cynthia chat with Manju Ramanathpura about the Azure Native ISV program, the customer experience, the background of the initiative and the investments that are made to streamline various...
Enable fetching secrets from an Azure Key Vault directly into the workload running on an Arc connected Kubernetes cluster.
The Azure SDK for Go has received a major update and data plane support for new services like Identity, Key Vault, Service Bus, and Tables.
Use Azure AD managed identities with Azure Load Testing Preview to easily access other AAD-protected resources, like Azure Key Vault. Both system-assigned and user-assigned managed identities are...
Audrey Long, a Senior Security Software Engineer in Commercial Software Engineering at Microsoft, discusses the Defender for the Cloud service. She explains how the service plays an important...
Key Vault now enables you to automatically rotate keys for encryption of your data.