Static Web Apps

Streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high availability.


Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps to Azure from a code repository. When you create an Azure Static Web Apps resource, Azure interacts directly with GitHub or Azure DevOps to monitor a branch of your choice. Every time you push commits or accept pull requests into the watched branch, a build automatically runs and your app and API is deployed to Azure.


11/13/2022, Azure Podcast
Azure Networking Engineering Manager Abhishek Tiwari joins us once again, this time to talk about all of the work his team has done to add L7 and DDOS protection at the Edge and the enhancements...
11/9/2022, GA Announcements
Deploy applications to staging environments using Azure DevOps.
11/9/2022, GA Announcements
Deploy Static Web Apps using Gitlab and Bitbucket as CI/CD providers.
11/9/2022, GA Announcements
Use stable URLs with Azure Static Web Apps preview environments.
11/9/2022, GA Announcements
You can skip the default API builds via GitHub Actions and Azure pipelines.
Azure Static Web Apps now supports building and deploying full-stack Node 18 applications.
11/8/2022, GA Announcements
Azure Static Web Apps now supports building and deploying full-stack .NET 7.0 isolated applications.
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
Azure Static Web Apps now supports zero configuration deployment and hosting of hybrid-rendered Next.js applications.
8/31/2022, GA Announcements
Azure Static Web Apps now offers faster page loads, enhanced security, and reliability for your global applications.
7/14/2022, Azure Podcast
We chat with Nir Mashkowski, Principal PM Manager, about the evolution of PaaS since its inception 10+ years ago, some of the usage patterns that he has observed, the benefits and reasoning of...
7/7/2022, Azure Podcast
Azure FastTrack Engineers John Downs and Arsen Vladimirskiy explain how multi-tenant architectures can be deployed on Azure. They talk about the various factors that should be considered when...
You can now use App Service, Container Apps, or API Management as an API backend in Azure Static Web Apps.
6/8/2022, GA Announcements
Deploy static web apps to the cloud using a simple CLI command.