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Azure virtual machines are one of several types of on-demand, scalable computing resources that Azure offers. Typically, you choose a virtual machine when you need more control over the computing environment than the other choices offer. An Azure virtual machine gives you the flexibility of virtualization without having to buy and maintain the physical hardware that runs it. However, you still need to maintain the virtual machine by performing tasks, such as configuring, patching, and installing the software that runs on it.


11/22/2022, Preview Announcements
Cross Subscription Restore for Azure Virtual Machines is provides flexibility to choose any subscription during restore.
11/16/2022, GA Announcements
The Azure Arm-based VMs are now available in four more regions.
11/16/2022, GA Announcements
Optimize business costs by licensing your Disaster Recovery secondary for free with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.
11/14/2022, Preview Announcements
Use Azure REST Quota APIs to manage the service limits (quotas) of Azure Virtual Machines (cores/vCPU), Networking, Azure HPC Cache, and Azure Purview services.
11/14/2022, Preview Announcements
You can use this feature to back up confidential VMs using Platform Managed Keys.
11/14/2022, Azure HPC Blog
Contributed by: Rafael Salas   Moneo is Microsoft’s solution for characterizing hardware on distributed systems. To learn the basics of Moneo please visit the previous blogpost HERE   We’ve...
11/10/2022, Azure HPC Blog
  When deploying an HPC Pack workload to the Azure public cloud, until recently, it could be challenging to deploy a highly available, Active Directory-integrated file share to host your SMB...
  As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a...
11/10/2022, Azure Blog
The all-new HX-series and HBv4-series VMs are optimized for a variety of HPC workloads such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis, frontend and backend electronic design...
11/10/2022, Azure HPC Blog
Article contributed by Amirreza Rastegari, Jon Shelley, Jithin Jose, Anshul Jain, Jyothi Venkatesh, Joe Greenseid, Fanny Ou, and Evan Burness   Azure has announced new HBv4-series and HX-series...
11/2/2022, GA Announcements
Create confidential VMs using Ephemeral OS disks for your stateless workloads.
10/31/2022, GA Announcements
All Azure Windows VMs provisioned in Azure US Government Cloud after February 1, 2023, will be activated via, which points to one new KMS IP address,
10/24/2022, Azure Podcast
The team talks to Cesar De la Torre Llorente, a Principal Architect in the Azure team, about the new style of applications that leverage the 5G wireless network in Azure. This enables new...
10/18/2022, Azure Podcast
The team catches up with Brian Lehr to take a look at the range of IP services available in Azure.   Media...
Table of Contents   Abstract Intended audience Overview SQL server backup and recovery Common SQL server BU/R challenges Azure NetApp Files storage-based snapshot technology SQL server 2022...
10/13/2022, GA Announcements
Windows Admin Center for Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available for you to manage the Operating System of your Windows Server infrastructure in Azure.
10/12/2022, Preview Announcements
You can now include standard VMs and Spot VMs in the same Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set. New VM-series are now supported with Virtual Machine Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode.
10/12/2022, GA Announcements
Run your SQL Server workloads on the latest AMD-backed confidential virtual machines, ensuring protection of data in use.
10/12/2022, GA Announcements
Announcing the general availability of confidential node pools on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with AMD SEV-SNP confidential VMs.
10/12/2022, GA Announcements
Announcing the general availability for Azure Automanage with expanded configuration options.