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Date Title
6/8/2022 DevOps Dojo – OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
6/9/2022 Copy a work item type using Azure DevOps API’s
6/17/2022 Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 17.06.2022
6/20/2022 DevOps Dojo – UX/Accessibility
7/12/2022 July patches for Azure DevOps Server
7/12/2022 Content archived for Azure DevOps previous versions
7/14/2022 Azure Boards Summer Update
8/2/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 208 Update
8/9/2022 August patches for Azure DevOps Server
8/9/2022 Introducing Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC1
8/31/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 209 Update
9/6/2022 Azure DevOps Graph connectors for Microsoft Search
9/15/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 210 Update
10/7/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 211 Update
10/10/2022 Publishing extensions to Marketplace issue resolved
10/12/2022 Integrate security into your developer workflow with GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps
10/18/2022 October patches for Azure DevOps Server
10/20/2022 Azure DevOps Roadmap update
10/25/2022 Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC2 now available
10/27/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 212 Update
11/9/2022 All Azure DevOps REST APIs now support PAT scopes
11/15/2022 Azure DevOps client libraries migrated to MSAL
11/16/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 213 Update
11/23/2022 Upgrade of .NET agent for Azure Pipelines
12/6/2022 Now available: Azure DevOps Server 2022 RTW
12/12/2022 New Boards Hub, Sprint 214 Update
12/13/2022 December patches for Azure DevOps Server
1/6/2023 Node runner update guidance for Azure Pipelines task authors
1/12/2023 Organization profile image
1/20/2023 New Boards Hub, Sprint 216 update
1/20/2023 New Boards Hub, Sprint 216 update
1/24/2023 Azure DevOps Server 2022 Patch 1
1/25/2023 Disable creation of classic pipelines
1/27/2023 Learn Azure DevOps from Zero to Hero
2/3/2023 Customers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 should upgrade the OS on Self-hosted agents
2/14/2023 February patches for Azure DevOps Server
2/17/2023 New Boards Hub, Sprint 217 update
2/22/2023 End of support for Azure Pipelines agents running on CentOS 6, Debian 4.9, Fedora 32, Ubuntu 16, macOS 10.14, and older versions
2/28/2023 Retrospectives: The Hidden Gem Enabling Teams to Thrive – Part 1
3/5/2023 Create Azure DevOps Management Reports
3/6/2023 How to build, test and deploy your application using Azure and GitHub
3/7/2023 Integrate Azure Load Testing into Azure DevOps
3/7/2023 New Boards Hub, Sprint 218 Update
3/8/2023 Write Your Bicep Files in Visual Studio
3/21/2023 March patches for Azure DevOps Server
3/22/2023 New Boards Hub Update, Sprint 219