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Date Title
11/2/2021 Microsoft Azure Network Function Manager Overview
11/2/2021 How to get started with Azure Maps | Azure Tips and Tricks
11/2/2021 Microsoft Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC) Overview
11/2/2021 Big Data and Operational Analytics with Microsoft Azure Synapse
11/4/2021 Serverless Data Lake Exploration and Streaming Analytics with Azure Synapse
11/4/2021 Erin Chapple and SAS CIO Jay Upchurch on analytics and AI innovations | Microsoft Ignite
11/5/2021 Enable advanced IoT Edge scenarios with ACR connected registry | Azure Friday
11/9/2021 How to connect GitHub Actions to Azure Security Center | Azure Tips and Tricks
11/9/2021 Data Science and Predictive Analytics with Azure Synapse
11/11/2021 Optimize Data Warehouse Workloads for BI and Reporting with Azure Synapse
11/12/2021 Looking at Azure yesterday, today, and tomorrow with Jason Zander | Azure Friday
11/12/2021 Deploy OpenAPI enabled Azure Functions with .NET in Visual Studio | Azure Friday
11/15/2021 Azure Quantum and Azure Storage partner to optimize capacity management
11/15/2021 Understanding Azure Cosmos DB’s APIs | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 2
11/16/2021 Azure Edge Zones with AT&T
11/16/2021 How to get started with Azure DevTest Labs | Azure Tips and Tricks
11/17/2021 Intelligent enterprises hit top speed on Azure with Azure NetApp Files
11/17/2021 Protect your stateful Kubernetes apps with Azure Storage
11/19/2021 Shifting left to scale up: shortening the road to scalable quantum computing | Quantum Week 2021
11/22/2021 What is a Request Unit? | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 2
11/22/2021 Virtual Nodes in Azure Kubernetes Service | KubeCon NA 2021
11/23/2021 How to get started with Azure Arc - Part 1 | Azure Tips and Tricks
11/23/2021 Node pool Snapshot in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) overview | KubeCon NA 2021
11/24/2021 Out of Tree cloud provider controller overview | KubeCon NA 2021
11/24/2021 Microsoft and Nokia collaborating to help industries digitally transform
11/24/2021 Azure Policy on Azure Kubernetes Service| KubeCon NA 2021
11/26/2021 Connect Kubernetes Clusters to Azure Arc | KubeCon NA 2021
11/29/2021 Partition Strategy | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 2
11/30/2021 Gitops in Azure Arc and AKS | KubeCon NA 2021
11/30/2021 Planned Maintenance on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) overview | KubeCon NA 2021
11/30/2021 How to run an App Service Web App on Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes - Part 2 | Azure Tips and Tricks
11/30/2021 What is High Performance Computing - HPC?
12/1/2021 Govern Azure Arc-enabled K8S Clusters with Azure Policy | KubeCon NA 2021
12/1/2021 Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) on Azure
12/2/2021 Azure Role-based Action Control (RBAC) for Azure Kubernetes Services | KubeCon NA 2021
12/3/2021 Helm: the package manager for Kubernetes | KubeCon NA 2021
12/3/2021 Security and Monitoring with Cluster Extensions | KubeCon NA 2021
12/6/2021 Schema Design Strategy | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 2
12/6/2021 KEDA overview | KubeCon NA 2021
12/7/2021 How to enable Azure SQL managed instance in Azure Arc - Part 3 | Azure Tips and Tricks
12/8/2021 WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) node pools demo | KubeCon NA 2021
12/8/2021 How to get started with Azure Monitor VM Insights
12/9/2021 Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) option for Azure Disks for high availability
12/10/2021 Simplify your hybrid wide-area network with Azure Virtual WAN
12/10/2021 Deploy and scale appliances with ease using Azure Gateway Load Balancer
12/10/2021 An introduction to App Service Environment v3 | Azure Friday
12/13/2021 Getting Data into Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 2
12/13/2021 Azure Data Explorer for enterprise IT monitoring
12/13/2021 Datacenter Innovation
12/14/2021 How to use Azure Bastion to access virtual machines | Azure Tips and Tricks
12/14/2021 Azure benefits on Azure Stack HCI
12/16/2021 What’s new and what’s next in Azure Compute
12/17/2021 An introduction to Azure Chaos Studio | Azure Friday
12/17/2021 AKS Infrastructure Multitenancy for ISVs
1/3/2022 Azure Storage solutions: Critical enterprise workloads
1/3/2022 Migrate your NAS data to Azure
1/4/2022 How to use Azure Bicep for developing ARM templates | Azure Tips and Tricks
1/4/2022 Tips and tricks for preparing for the Global Game Jam
1/5/2022 New ways to manage Azure VMs using Virtual Machine Scale Sets
1/7/2022 Extend your SAP applications and data to innovate on Azure | Azure Friday
1/7/2022 Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services
1/11/2022 How to use Azure Defender to protect hybrid cloud workloads | Azure Tips and Tricks
1/11/2022 Azure Identity for ISVs: Part 1
1/11/2022 Azure Identity for ISVs: Part 2
1/12/2022 Introduction to running stateful container workloads on Azure
1/14/2022 Rapidly build and deliver secure apps with DevSecOps practices | Azure Friday
1/18/2022 What’s new in Azure Compute
1/18/2022 Improve the price-performance of your apps with the latest Azure Virtual Machines
1/18/2022 Achieve secure and robust remote connectivity to VMs with Azure Bastion
1/18/2022 Avoid this one IaaS misstep to get more benefits from the cloud
1/19/2022 How to translate text with the Azure Cognitive Services Translator Service | Azure Tips and Tricks
1/21/2022 Accelerate your Azure Static Web Apps with enterprise-grade edge | Azure Friday
1/24/2022 Azure Storage solutions: App development and Kubernetes workloads
1/24/2022 Protect your infrastructure against rising DDoS attacks
1/25/2022 How to extract information from receipts with Azure Form Recognizer | Azure Tips and Tricks
1/25/2022 Part 1: AKS Cluster Upgrade
1/26/2022 Azure Database Multi-Tenancy 1: Azure SQL Databases
1/27/2022 See how Azure Quantum & NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory work together to optimize space exploration
1/27/2022 Azure Database Multi-Tenancy 2: Azure Cosmos DB
1/28/2022 Deploy and connect to an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster | Azure Friday
1/31/2022 Overview: Azure Storage partner ecosystem
1/31/2022 Azure Storage solutions: High-performance computing (HPC), machine learning, and AI workloads
2/1/2022 Starting from scratch with Azure - Part 1
2/1/2022 How to use dependency injection in Azure Functions | Azure Tips and Tricks
2/4/2022 Azure Cosmos DB extension for Azure Functions update with AAD support | Azure Friday
2/7/2022 Sarah Novotny on working with open source communities to drive innovation | Inside Azure for IT
2/7/2022 Safeguarding your workloads with Microsoft’s own internal Linux Distro | Inside Azure for IT
2/7/2022 Microsoft and Red Hat on simplifying cloud adoption on Azure with Linux | Inside Azure for IT
2/7/2022 Updates with Azure Virtual Networking: Private Link, Virtual Network Managers, and DNS
2/7/2022 Run your business-critical applications with Azure Disk Storage | Azure IaaS Day 2021
2/7/2022 Run your globally distributed workloads with Azure Blob Storage | Azure IaaS Day 2021
2/8/2022 How to trigger an Azure Function from Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Tips and Tricks
2/8/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Maintaining Azure DevOp orgs with Terraform - Part 2
2/10/2022 Azure migration and modernization - Innovate faster with a fully managed platform
2/11/2022 Add rich search experiences to your applications in Azure with Elastic | Azure Friday
2/14/2022 Azure migration and modernization - Protect your valuable assets
2/14/2022 Azure migration and modernization - Move on your terms
2/14/2022 Scale & secure data lake storage for your high-performance analytics workloads | Azure IaaS Day 2021
2/14/2022 What's new in Azure Network Security | Azure IaaS Day 2021
2/15/2022 How to get started with Azure IoT Central | Azure Tips and Tricks
2/15/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Azure Cache for Redis with Terraform - Part 3
2/16/2022 The Cloud HPC+AI Journey to Microsoft Azure
2/22/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Azure Key Vault with Terraform - Part 4
2/22/2022 How to mount an Azure Files share in Windows | Azure Tips and Tricks
2/22/2022 Build resilient, scale-out apps with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets | Azure IaaS Day 2021
2/22/2022 Deep dive: On-demand capacity reservations with Azure Virtual Machines | Azure IaaS Day
2/23/2022 Azure HPC+AI for Climate and Weather Modeling (WRF)
2/28/2022 Azure for Operators voice innovations
2/28/2022 Check out this skilling video to learn about the Microsoft Azure public MEC
2/28/2022 Personalized customer experiences with Microsoft Azure public MEC and Couchbase database
2/28/2022 Microsoft, Intel, and Capgemini enable 5G Open-RAN stack on Microsoft Operator Distributed Services
2/28/2022 Modernize the mobile network with Microsoft Azure Operator 5G Core
2/28/2022 Increased security for apps at the edge with Microsoft Azure public MEC and Check Point CloudGuard
2/28/2022 Learn how ISV partners are building innovate customer solutions with Microsoft public MEC
2/28/2022 Fast access to gamers with Microsoft Azure public MEC and Game Cloud Network's RIVIT Platform
2/28/2022 Azure for Operators Managed Service for Teams Calling
2/28/2022 Live-streamed shopping experiences with Azure public MEC, Summit Tech Odience and AT&T 5G mobility
2/28/2022 Check out this skilling video to learn about the Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core
2/28/2022 Azure for Operators portfolio of solutions and services for the telecommunications industry
2/28/2022 Network slicing with Microsoft Azure for Operators offerings
2/28/2022 Consortium members talk about benefits of ORAN for government and academia
2/28/2022 Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core for live video analytics
2/28/2022 Fast access to applications with Microsoft Azure public MEC and VMware SDWAN
3/9/2022 Azure HPC+AI Platform Overview
3/14/2022 Azure Quantum. Solving for a better future
3/16/2022 Azure Storage - Power all your workloads
3/17/2022 Work with FastTrack for Azure to support your cloud journey
3/17/2022 Leverage open-source solutions on Azure Marketplace
3/17/2022 Leverage Azure Arc to manage your cloud infrastructure
3/17/2022 Migrate and modernize with Azure Kubernetes Service
3/17/2022 Migrate to Azure to ensure reliability for your mission critical workloads
3/18/2022 Get a native experience and integrated support with Linux on Azure
3/18/2022 Shared file storage for enterprise workloads | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/18/2022 Migrate and modernize your business with Azure VMware Solution
3/21/2022 Reduce your costs with Azure Spot Virtual Machines | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/21/2022 How to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop | Azure Tips and Tricks
3/21/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Azure DevOps Artifacts - Part 5
3/22/2022 Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA gives BMW the computing power for automated quality control
3/22/2022 How to configure Azure Application Insights for a Web App in Visual Studio | Azure Tips and Tricks
3/22/2022 Deploy an app using Azure Spring Cloud and PostgreSQL
3/22/2022 Enabling Open RAN ecosystem | Azure for Operators MWC Barcelona 2022
3/22/2022 A Unified Approach to Cloud Migration
3/24/2022 Best practices for hybrid networking | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/24/2022 Optimize connectivity to your Azure services over the internet | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/24/2022 Dynamic Lineage in Azure Purview
3/25/2022 How to automatically scale Azure App Services | Azure Tips and Tricks
3/25/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Private packages with Azure Devops Artifacts - Part 6
3/25/2022 Comparing cloud platform performance for HPC+AI workloads
3/25/2022 Optimize query performance with Azure Cosmos DB indexing metrics | Azure Friday
3/28/2022 Best practices for securing internet-facing cloud architecture in Azure | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/28/2022 What’s new in Azure Firewall and Firewall Manager | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/29/2022 How to receive Azure Event Grid events in an Azure Function
3/29/2022 How to run jobs at scale with Azure Batch | Azure Tips and Tricks
3/29/2022 Azure DevOps from scratch - Part 7
3/29/2022 Leading performance for cloud HPC+AI workloads with Microsoft Azure
3/30/2022 Azure Cost Management for ISVs
3/30/2022 Run your most demanding file workloads with Azure NetApp Files | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/30/2022 Optimize your SAP landscape on Azure with Intel | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/31/2022 Power all your applications with Azure IaaS | Azure IaaS Day 2021
3/31/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Azure DevOps Branch policies
4/1/2022 Introducing Azure Load Testing | Azure Friday
4/1/2022 How to use search in Azure portal | Azure Portal Series
4/1/2022 How StopWatch leveraged Azure to increase Developer Velocity
4/4/2022 Policy awareness in deployment scenarios | Azure Portal Series
4/5/2022 How to choose between Azure Table Storage and Azure Cosmos DB Table API
4/6/2022 Start from scratch with Azure: Azure Kubernetes Service with Terraform
4/8/2022 Using Azure Cognitive Services to create more accessible experiences | Azure Friday
4/9/2022 Delete a Recovery Services Vault using Portal and PowerShell | Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery
4/11/2022 How to track Service Health issues via push notifications | Azure Portal Series
4/12/2022 How to test application performance with Azure Load Testing
4/13/2022 Game Development with GoDot, VS Code, and Azure
4/18/2022 How to check your subscription’s secure score | Azure Portal Series
4/18/2022 Azure DDoS Protection and other cloud native security options | Azure Friday
4/18/2022 Azure SQL Database: A developer's best friend | Azure Friday
4/19/2022 How to make games with Unity and Microsoft Game Dev
4/19/2022 How to test for resilience with Azure Chaos Studio
4/22/2022 Architecting multitenant solutions on Azure | Azure Friday
4/25/2022 How to follow your support tickets in the app | Azure Portal Series
4/25/2022 Azure SQL Database: Multi-model features | Azure Friday
4/26/2022 Visual Studio for Unreal Engine development
4/26/2022 How to get started with Azure Container Apps
4/28/2022 How to work with your Azure apps in GitHub Codespaces
5/2/2022 How to find and use Translator | Azure Portal Series
5/3/2022 How to use the Azure Logic App to monitor new Tweets
5/3/2022 How to debug and run code locally with Bridge to Kubernetes for VS Code
5/6/2022 IoT & Real-Time Telemetry use case | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3
5/6/2022 Product Catalog use case | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3
5/6/2022 Order Processing use case | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3
5/6/2022 Multi-Region Application use case | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3
5/9/2022 How to configure access to key vault | Azure Portal Series
5/10/2022 Kubernetes on Azure
5/10/2022 How to troubleshoot your applications with Change Analysis
5/16/2022 How to create a storage account | Azure Portal Series
5/17/2022 How to get started with Unity
5/17/2022 How to move Azure Storage Blobs between containers
5/17/2022 Azure is the home for your Java applications, Part 1 | Azure Friday
5/18/2022 Introduction to Azure modernization and migration with hybrid cloud flexibility
5/19/2022 Fireside chat with Kathleen Mitford, CVP of Azure Marketing, and Dave McCarthy, IDC VP
5/20/2022 Azure Virtual Machines Scale Sets: Scaling Capabilities
5/20/2022 Azure SQL Database: An introduction to temporal tables | Azure Friday
5/20/2022 Learn why customers modernize and migrate with Azure
5/23/2022 How to customize tiles in your Azure dashboard
5/23/2022 How to manage a storage account | Azure Portal Series
5/23/2022 How to use the new Storage Browser | Azure Portal Series
5/23/2022 Greggs manages and secures complex hybrid cloud deployments with Azure Arc
5/23/2022 Modernizing and migrating your web apps and data with Azure
5/24/2022 Modernizing your relational data with Azure, with Bob Ward, Principal Architect, Azure Data
5/25/2022 Migrating and modernizing your servers with Azure, with Jeff Woolsey
5/31/2022 Let’s Jam: Build your Azure PlayFab skills during Lana Lux’s weekend game jam
5/31/2022 Digitally transforming the highways of the future with 5G
5/31/2022 Azure Health Data Services - Health Data & FHIR Part 2
5/31/2022 Azure Health Data Services - Health Data & FHIR Part 1
5/31/2022 Azure Health Data Services - MedTech & IoT
5/31/2022 Azure Health Data Services - Executive Welcome
5/31/2022 Azure Health Data Services - Medical Imaging & DICOM
5/31/2022 Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes extensibility model | Azure Friday
5/31/2022 How to discover, assess, migrate, and modernize with Azure Migrate, with Deepika Seelam
5/31/2022 Azure Migration and Modernization Program customer showcase, with Merrie Williamson
5/31/2022 Introduction and Deploying a Node web app from VSCode to App Service
5/31/2022 Azure HPC+Al Day Keynote
6/1/2022 Explore the basics of cloud gaming and watch as ID@Azure accelerates your game development
6/1/2022 How to identify faces with the Azure Face service
6/1/2022 Azure_HPC+Al Day: AI Infra Platform Strategy
6/2/2022 Real life best practices with FastTrack for Azure engineers
6/2/2022 How to add CosmosDB and Blob Storage for your Node web app
6/3/2022 Azure_HPC+Al Day: Cloud vs On Prem
6/6/2022 Azure confidential computing - your data is protected
6/6/2022 Connecting to a VM with Bastion | Azure Portal Series
6/6/2022 How to use Azure App Service to configure autoscaling
6/6/2022 Azure_HPC+AI Day: How to Onboard as a Partner
6/7/2022 Make a game from scratch with PlayFab and Lana_Lux
6/7/2022 How to customize and pin charts to your Azure Dashboard
6/7/2022 Register now for Azure Hybrid, Multicloud, and Edge Day
6/8/2022 Creating deployment slots and staging environments
6/8/2022 Azure_HPC+AI Day: Customer Panel
6/10/2022 Azure HPC+AI Day: HPC + AI software
6/10/2022 Use Static Web Apps to add a blog and link it to your Node web app
6/13/2022 Use Azure Monitor to analyze logs and metrics for your Node web app
6/13/2022 Getting Started with CLI after creating your virtual machine | Azure Portal Series
6/14/2022 Watch the 2nd day of Lana's casual game jam
6/14/2022 How to start, restart, stop or delete multiple Azure VMs
6/14/2022 Manage Azure Arc-enabled Servers using Windows Admin Center in Azure
6/14/2022 Manage Azure Stack HCI clusters using Windows Admin Center in Azure
6/21/2022 Learn the basics of Git & GitHub from a beginner's standpoint
6/21/2022 Pioneering urban air travel in major cities with Azure infra & AI | Inside Azure for IT | Ep.4 Pt 3
6/21/2022 Virtualizing animation with Azure high-performance computing | Inside Azure for IT | Ep. 4 Pt 1
6/21/2022 A quantum-inspired approach to scheduling communications in space | Inside Azure for IT | Ep.4 Pt 2
6/21/2022 How to access Azure Cloud Shell from within Microsoft docs
6/28/2022 Use Azure to host a micro-server for Minecraft
6/30/2022 Azure private MEC for Manufacturing Safety
7/1/2022 AI + AI Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure
7/1/2022 How to keep your Azure subscription clean | Azure Tips and Tricks
7/5/2022 CommScope transforms technology center with Azure private MEC
7/5/2022 How to apply updates for Azure Stack HCI (with Windows Admin Center) | Azure Tips and Tricks
7/7/2022 Unreal Engine & PlayFab Part I: Getting users logged in
7/8/2022 Digitally transforming the highways of the future with 5G - extended length
7/11/2022 Azure public MEC with AT&T and Sight Machine for manufacturing
7/12/2022 How to get started with thin provisioning on Azure Stack HCI | Azure Tips and Tricks
7/12/2022 Cloud migration and modernization with Azure tools and resources
7/13/2022 App Services integration with Traffic Manager, Application Gateway and Azure Front Door
7/14/2022 Unreal Engine & PlayFab Part II: Accessing user data for a leaderboard
7/18/2022 Azure private MEC delivers cutting edge industry supply chain innovations
7/19/2022 Azure Migrate : The hub for cloud migration and modernization
7/19/2022 How to containerize and deploy a Java app to Azure | Azure Tips and Tricks
7/21/2022 Unreal Engine & PlayFab Part III: Use PlayFab to participate in a Game Jam
7/26/2022 How to deploy Spring Boot microservices to Azure | Azure Tips and Tricks
7/28/2022 Integrating Twitch and PlayFab
7/29/2022 Azure SQL Database: Columnstore indexes | Azure Friday
7/29/2022 Azure Kubernetes Services Tools extension in VS Code | Azure Friday
8/3/2022 How to deploy a Java EE application to Azure | Azure Tips & Tricks
8/4/2022 PlayFab basics with CalamityDarling
8/5/2022 Azure SQL Database: Non-blocking transactions | Azure Friday
8/9/2022 How to run Java in an Azure Function | Azure Tips & Tricks
8/9/2022 Getting Started with Azure Demo Series
8/10/2022 AKS Persistent Volume Backup – Demo | KubeCon 2022
8/10/2022 Kubernetes GitHub Actions | KubeCon 2022
8/11/2022 Use Twitch authentication to log in to a game on PlayFab
8/12/2022 Azure Service Operator demo within Kubernetes | KubeCon 2022
8/12/2022 AKS Dapr Extension: Provisioning and Deploying a Dapr App to AKS | KubeCon 2022
8/15/2022 Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA) | KubeCon 2022
8/15/2022 Microsoft KMS etcd encryption support for AKS clusters | KubeCon 2022
8/16/2022 How to clone an Azure App Service Web App | Azure Tips & Tricks
8/17/2022 Microsoft Defender for Containers: Secure Deployments | KubeCon 2022
8/17/2022 Windows Host Process Containers | KubeCon 2022
8/18/2022 Indie Game Development Tips and Tricks
8/19/2022 Azure AD Workload Identity on AKS | KubeCon 2022
8/23/2022 How to keep your Azure App Service Web App responsive | Azure Tips & Tricks
8/24/2022 Build and run cloud-native applications in a hybrid and multicloud environment
8/24/2022 Develop cloud native apps anywhere with AKS and Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes
8/25/2022 Explore the benefits of remote hotswapping for game development
8/25/2022 Meet regulatory, sovereignty, and connectivity requirements with Azure
8/26/2022 Harness data insights from cloud to edge with Azure Machine Learning and data services
8/26/2022 Modernize your API stack with GraphQL and Azure API Management | Azure Friday
8/29/2022 Extend cloud manageability anywhere with data services enabled by Azure Arc
8/30/2022 Secure and govern your hybrid and multicloud infrastructure with Azure Arc
8/30/2022 How to use Deployment Slots in Azure App Service | Azure Tips & Tricks
8/31/2022 A successful hybrid strategy starts with hardware
9/1/2022 Secure your hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments with cloud-based threat detection
9/2/2022 Why customers are choosing to innovate across datacenters, edge, and multicloud environments
9/2/2022 Industry-aware analytics using Azure Synapse database templates | Azure Friday
9/6/2022 How to use keyboard shortcuts in the Azure portal | Azure Tips & Tricks
9/12/2022 How to analyze real-time data with Azure Stream Analytics | Azure Tips & Tricks
9/16/2022 Microsoft OpenHack: Hackathons solving real business challenges
9/23/2022 New API back-end options in Azure Static Web Apps | Azure Friday
9/30/2022 Introducing the Azure Developer CLI (azd) | Azure Friday
10/6/2022 Introducing SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage
10/7/2022 Desktop tools for developing with Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Friday
10/10/2022 Measuring Critical KPIs
10/12/2022 weavix™ connects frontline workers with Azure private MEC
10/12/2022 How to use Azure confidential VM guest attestation
10/12/2022 Making sense of the shoebox: How H&R Block uses Azure AI to transform tax returns
10/17/2022 Introducing Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL | Azure Friday
10/20/2022 Azure Quantum Credits Program Montage
10/24/2022 Azure Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs and AKS nodes | Azure Friday
11/3/2022 Make Twitch overlays to monitor notifications with Azure PubSub
11/4/2022 Authoring and deploying Azure resources with Bicep | Azure Friday
11/9/2022 Watch Azure Content Moderator in action
11/11/2022 Develop with SQL on your desktop using the Azure SQL Database emulator | Azure Friday
11/15/2022 What is Azure Automanage?
11/16/2022 Azure Migrate TCO Business Case Analysis
11/17/2022 Develop and Deploy applications on Kubernetes
11/17/2022 Azure Arc customers share hybrid deployment best practices
11/18/2022 Empower teams with Azure Monitor, Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud
11/30/2022 Self host a git server on Azure
12/2/2022 Cloud transformation in a do more with less world
12/7/2022 Retail Edge Transformation with Azure Hybrid
12/9/2022 How To Create WordPress on Azure App Service
12/9/2022 Managing, reporting, and reducing your costs in Azure | Azure Friday
12/12/2022 Introducing Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance
12/12/2022 GPU partitioning on Azure Stack HCI
12/13/2022 Deploy Azure Monitor SCOM Managed instance
12/13/2022 Introduction to features of SCOM MI
12/15/2022 Microsoft Apps powered by Azure AI to Do More with Less
12/17/2022 Migrating mainframe and midrange systems to Azure | Azure Friday
12/21/2022 The path to quantum at scale
1/9/2023 Continuously validate and test your mission-critical Azure workloads | Azure Friday
1/23/2023 Calling external REST endpoints from Azure SQL Database | Azure Friday
1/23/2023 Navigating your IT career through rapid technology changes
1/23/2023 Secure your Microsoft Azure Arc–enabled environment
1/23/2023 Microsoft Azure to support Intel TDX
1/25/2023 Microsoft Azure and Veeam BCDR Solutions Overview
1/25/2023 Microsoft Azure and Commvault Deliver BCDR Confidence with Metallic DMaaS
1/25/2023 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions from Microsoft Azure and Rubrik
1/30/2023 Lessons learned optimizing Microsoft’s internal use of Azure
1/30/2023 Health modeling for mission-critical workloads on Azure | Azure Friday
2/1/2023 Protect your VMware VMs from disaster using modernized Azure Site Recovery experience
2/1/2023 Protect your data against ransomware with Azure Backup
2/1/2023 Microsoft Azure and Veritas Control your Enterprise Data and Applications with Veritas ALTA
2/8/2023 Monitor your backup estate using Azure Monitor
2/8/2023 Optimize your data protection costs with Azure Backup
2/9/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 1, Basis Theory
2/9/2023 Getting started with Azure Elastic SAN
2/10/2023 Developing Azure Functions using the v2 programming model for Python | Azure Friday
2/13/2023 Microsoft at Supercomputing 2022
2/14/2023 Azure Cognitive Services for Vision - Spatial Analysis
2/17/2023 Chip design wins with Azure NetApp Files for AMD
2/20/2023 Deploy your mission-critical workload in an Azure landing zone | Azure Friday
2/24/2023 GitHub Zero to Hero with Learn with Leon
2/26/2023 Public MEC ISV program
2/26/2023 Azure Programmable Connectivity collaboration with AT&T
2/26/2023 Datwyler helps Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group digitize their construction site
2/26/2023 NTT transforms Cologne Bonn Airport operations with private 5G​
2/26/2023 Azure Operator Service Manager overview and demo
2/26/2023 Azure Programmable Connectivity collaboration with Telefonica and apoQlar
2/26/2023 Azure Operator Voicemail overview and demonstration
2/26/2023 Azure operator 5G core - a modern mobile core for any G networks
2/26/2023 Pegatron transforms factory with Azure Private 5G Core​
2/26/2023 Azure Communications Gateway​ overview and demonstration
2/26/2023 Azure Operator Nexus customer benefits
2/26/2023 Azure Programmable Connectvity collaboration with DT, T-Mobile and Siemens
2/26/2023 Vodafone New Zealand partners with Azure for Operators to accelerate business revenue
2/26/2023 Azure public MEC with Singtel solution
2/26/2023 Delivering carrier-grade network functions on the Azure Operator Nexus platform
2/26/2023 Azure Operator Service Manager features and customer benefits
2/26/2023 Azure Edge Network Fabric Demo
2/26/2023 Inventec is helping Nexcom transform factory operations with private 5G
2/26/2023 Azure for Operators and ecoystem better together
2/26/2023 Azure Operator Insights features and customer benefits
2/28/2023 Azure VMware Solution Overview
3/1/2023 ISV program for Azure private MEC
3/1/2023 Azure Private 5G Core Enables Modern Connected Apps
3/1/2023 Watch this skilling video to learn about Microsoft Azure Communications Gateway
3/1/2023 Azure Open Source Day | Register now
3/3/2023 Azure Open Source Day | Register now
3/8/2023 Microsoft at Supercomputing 2022
3/9/2023 Integrating HPC Pack with Azure Files
3/10/2023 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Edge Essentials | Azure Friday
3/10/2023 Running GPT-3 Models with NVIDIA® NeMo Megatron on Azure
3/16/2023 Overview of Komprise data management solutions for Microsoft Azure Storage | Azure Expert Series
3/17/2023 Change Data Capture and Managed Airflow in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday
3/17/2023 Migrate Azure Data Lake Storage from Gen1 to Gen2 by using the Azure Portal | Azure Expert Series
3/20/2023 Introduction to SAS (Shared Access Signature) | Azure Expert Series
3/24/2023 Build an intelligent application fast and flexibly using Open Source on Azure
3/24/2023 How Open Source and AI impact software development in the Cloud
3/24/2023 The Open Source Future with Web3
3/24/2023 Unleashing the AI technology wave: Training Large Language Models at Scale
3/27/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 2, Zammo
3/29/2023 NBA accelerates modern app time to market to ramp up fans’ excitement
3/29/2023 Datwyler helps Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group digitize their construction site
4/3/2023 Bringing VMware to Azure: Overview of Azure VMware Solution
4/3/2023 Microsoft DevTalks: Senior Technology Architect at Telus
4/4/2023 Bringing VMware to Azure: Overview of Azure VMware Solution
4/6/2023 Enhanced Hybrid Next.js Support in Azure Static Web Apps | Azure Friday
4/10/2023 MWC 2023 Azure for Operators Theater Session Sizzle video
4/11/2023 Navigate market uncertainty by migrating and modernizing with Azure | Inside Azure for IT-Ep. 5-1
4/11/2023 Optimize IT investments to maximize efficiency and reduce cloud spend | Inside Azure for IT-Ep. 5-2
4/11/2023 Strengthen your security to innovate fearlessly and grow your business | Inside Azure for IT-Ep.5-3
4/11/2023 Azure Space and Loft Orbital – Advancing Space Development
4/11/2023 Introducing the Responsible AI dashboard accelerator kit for healthcare
4/11/2023 Azure Cognitive Search
4/13/2023 Azure Cognitive Service for Vision
4/14/2023 Introduction to SAS (Shared Access Signature)
4/14/2023 Securely Migrate and Optimize with Azure Promo Video
4/18/2023 Azure Open Source Developer Journey
4/18/2023 Azure for Operators at MWC Barcelona
4/18/2023 One New Zealand partners with Azure for Operators to accelerate business revenue
4/21/2023 Azure Cognitive Service for Vision with the Florence foundation model | Azure Friday
4/21/2023 Azure Operator Nexus at MWC 2023
4/21/2023 MWC 2023 recap with Kathleen Mitford and Joe Biron
4/25/2023 Microsoft & Johnson Matthey join forces to speed up hydrogen fuel cell innovation with Azure Quantum
5/1/2023 Accelerate large-scale AI innovation and empower decision making at unprecedented cloud scale
5/2/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 3, Wolfpack
5/3/2023 Modernize and drive sustainability with Azure hybrid solutions
5/3/2023 Molecular Modeling Laboratory delivers breakthroughs with Azure HPC
5/4/2023 OC3 2023 | Industry Perspectives | The impact and future of confidential computing
5/4/2023 Meet AI demands at any scale with purpose-built infrastructure
5/4/2023 WPS uses Microsoft Azure to protect the most remote areas on earth
5/4/2023 Accelerate AI Innovation with Unmatched Cloud Scale and Performance GTC 2023
5/9/2023 AI Benchmarking BERT NLP Models using MLPerf Inference v3.0 on Microsoft Azure
5/9/2023 Demo Azure Cognitive Service for Vision Florence
5/9/2023 Demo - Azure Cognitive Search + Azure OpenAI service
5/10/2023 Azure Networking and Network Security: Protect your network and apps from threats
5/10/2023 Azure Networking enables remote work
5/10/2023 Azure Backup for SAP HANA Databases on Azure VM
5/11/2023 Introducing Microsoft Azure Arm-based VMs
5/11/2023 Azure Backup for SQL Server Databases on Azure VM
5/11/2023 Azure HPC Explained in Three Minutes
5/12/2023 Semantic Search with Microsoft Azure
5/15/2023 Monitor Azure Stack HCI with Azure Monitor HCI Insights
5/15/2023 Jellyfish Pictures ramps up VFX rendering while reducing costs by 80%.
5/19/2023 Creating WordPress sites on Azure App Service | Azure Friday
5/22/2023 Microsoft Dev Box for Microsoft engineers
5/22/2023 GM adoption of Microsoft Dev Box
5/22/2023 GM adoption of GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Dev Box, and Azure Deployment Environments
5/23/2023 Deploy and fine-tune large AI models with your data with Foundation Models in Azure Machine Learning
5/23/2023 Azure Cognitive Service for Language
5/23/2023 Ship models faster and increase reliability with managed feature store in Azure Machine Learning
5/23/2023 Collaborate on machine learning assets across teams and workspaces with Azure ML registries
5/23/2023 Collaborate, build, and manage your AI models at scale with Azure Machine Learning
5/23/2023 Azure OpenAI Service: Pre-built AI models and APIs for language processing tasks
5/23/2023 Introducing Azure AI Content Safety | A new Azure Cognitive Service for content moderation
5/23/2023 Azure Monitor's cloud native offering with Kubernetes Monitoring
5/23/2023 How to leverage Plugins for Azure OpenAI Service
5/23/2023 New easy way to add your data to Azure OpenAI Service
5/24/2023 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Networking Essentials
5/25/2023 Azure Monitor's cloud native offering with Kubernetes Monitoring
5/30/2023 Azure is the home for your Java applications, Part 2 | Azure Friday
6/1/2023 Impact Observatory revolutionizes automated mapping with Azure HPC
6/2/2023 Vestas supercharges its' sustainable energy generation with Azure HPC
6/2/2023 Containerize and deploy your app with automated deployments for AKS | Azure Friday
6/5/2023 Azure HPC satiates AMD's need for capacity, scalability, and innovation
6/5/2023 Azure Quantum unlocks the next generation of Hybrid Quantum Computing
6/7/2023 Sensyne Health accelerates COVID-19 test results using Microsoft Azure
6/9/2023 Connect your Static Web Apps to Azure Databases using REST or GraphQL | Azure Friday
6/9/2023 Introducing Azure AI Services | Pre-built and customizable AI models to modernize your business
6/9/2023 HPC Customer Montage sizzle video
6/12/2023 HPC Nvidia sizzle video
6/12/2023 Achieve more with Azure
6/14/2023 HPC and AMD sizzle video
6/14/2023 Maximize cloud value by optimizing your migration
6/14/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 4, Vocean
6/16/2023 Modernize apps on intelligent, secure, and fully-managed Azure databases
6/20/2023 New risks, new rules - Securely migrate your infrastructure to the cloud
6/20/2023 What's new in Azure Database for MySQL | Azure Friday
6/21/2023 Microsoft achieves first milestone towards a quantum supercomputer
6/21/2023 Introducing Azure Quantum Elements
6/21/2023 Topological Superconductivity in Superconductor- Semiconductor Hybrids
6/21/2023 Tools, programs, and guidance to help you migrate
6/23/2023 Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise: What's new for app development | Azure Friday
6/23/2023 Using AMD based confidential VMs for your Azure Data Explorer clusters
6/30/2023 Migrate Your SAP Workloads to Microsoft
7/5/2023 Accelerating Scientific Discovery
7/6/2023 Microsoft Azure accelerates Honeywell Forge's time-to-market & ability to deliver on a global scale
7/10/2023 Microsoft Azure and developer tools enhance developer agility and efficiency at Rockwell Automation
7/10/2023 Microsoft Dev Box Product Overview
7/11/2023 How Azure Files can help protect against ransomware and accidental data loss
7/12/2023 Azure confidential computing powered by AMD: a CTO perspective
7/18/2023 Vector Search: streamline indexing and retrieval for large language model-powered applications
7/20/2023 Azure Migrate TCO/Business Case
7/21/2023 Faster AI model training with confidential computing |OC3 2023
7/21/2023 Wayve makes self-driving smarter and safer with AV2.0 on Microsoft Azure
7/21/2023 Update: Azure Kubernetes Services Tools extension in VS Code | Azure Friday
7/24/2023 Running ResNet-50 with MLPerf Training v3.0 on Azure
7/24/2023 Introducing Azure AI Services | Pre-built and customizable AI models to modernize your business
7/25/2023 Get started with Azure Container Storage
7/25/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 5, Access Infinity
7/28/2023 Azure Linux with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Azure Friday
8/1/2023 Removing our Hyper-V host OS and hypervisor from the Trusted Computing Base (TCB)|OC3 2023
8/1/2023 Azure Operator Insights and 3UK
8/3/2023 Migrate Your SAP Workloads to Microsoft
8/4/2023 Introducing Vector Search in Azure Cognitive Search | Azure Friday
8/4/2023 Use your own data to create a power virtual agent with Azure OpenAI Service
8/8/2023 Inflection AI brings the ultimate personal assistant to millions on Azure
8/9/2023 Migrate .NET and Java apps to Azure App Service
8/11/2023 Use Azure Virtual Desktop Insights to monitor your AVD deployment | Azure Friday
8/11/2023 Setting HPC and Deep Learning Records in the Cloud with Azure
8/16/2023 Evaluate Windows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition
8/16/2023 How to Try Windows Server 2022
8/18/2023 Integrate your mainframes and midranges with Azure Logic Apps | Azure Friday
8/21/2023 Why Upgrade to Windows Server 2022
8/23/2023 Running T5 training benchmarks using NVIDIA JAX container on Azure
8/28/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts – Episode 6, Sage
9/6/2023 An introduction to Azure API Managment self-hosted gateway | Azure Friday
9/8/2023 Streamline Your AI Application Development with Prompt Flow in Azure Machine Learning
9/12/2023 Prompt flow: an end to end tool to streamline prompt engineering
9/18/2023 Introducing Azure Elastic SAN (Storage Area Network) | Azure Friday
9/19/2023 Moody's Azure OpenAI
9/21/2023 SymphonyAI and Azure OpenAI copilot
9/25/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 7, CallCabinet
9/26/2023 Azure Space & Partners Aid Chesapeake Bay
9/26/2023 Unleash the potential of Modern Connected Applications with APC
9/29/2023 Build real-time apps with Azure Web PubSub for Socket.IO | Azure Friday
10/3/2023 Accelerating cloud transformation with Microsoft and Oracle
10/6/2023 Scale your stateful apps with Azure Container Storage | Azure Friday
10/18/2023 Manage your big data needs with HDInsight on AKS
10/23/2023 Empower innovation while maintaining governance
10/23/2023 Solving customer challenges with multiparty private offers through the marketplace
10/27/2023 Accelerating cloud transformation with Microsoft and Oracle - Announcement
10/27/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 8, Octopai
10/27/2023 Accelerating cloud transformation with Microsoft and Oracle - Demo
10/27/2023 Accelerating cloud transformation with Microsoft and Oracle - Vodafone Customer Story
10/31/2023 Extend your cloud with Azure Stack HCI
11/1/2023 Azure Stack HCI Overview
11/8/2023 Microsoft and Photonic join forces on the path to quantum at scale
11/13/2023 Information Assistant, built with Azure OpenAI Service
11/15/2023 Azure Migrate Linux migration
11/15/2023 Azure AI Studio deep dive demo
11/15/2023 Azure confidential VMs on Intel® TDX with support for Intel® Trust Authority: a CTO perspective
11/15/2023 Azure confidential VMs with NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPUs
11/15/2023 Confidential containers on AKS
11/15/2023 Introducing Microsoft Azure Boost
11/15/2023 Build your own copilot with Azure AI Studio
11/15/2023 What’s new for Azure edge infrastructure in 2023
11/15/2023 Azure AI Studio Demo
11/16/2023 LEGO House: Modernizing interactive experiences with Azure Kubernetes Service
11/16/2023 Siemens Digital: Connecting the frontline for problem-solving using Azure AI
11/28/2023 Leverage your Marketplace Rewards listing optimization benefit to attract new leads
11/29/2023 Land O’Lakes uses Azure Data Manager for Agriculture to support efficient farming
12/4/2023 Unleashing Innovation in High Performance Computing (HPC) with Microsoft Azure
12/4/2023 Model-as-a-service in Azure AI
12/5/2023 The RenderMan Challenge - Empowering Artists Worldwide with Pixar, AMD, and Microsoft
12/6/2023 Introducing the Azure M-series Mv3 family for running SAP HANA on Azure
12/11/2023 Satellite Operators Are Using Azure Orbital Ground Station for Spacecraft Communications
12/12/2023 Getting started with Oracle Database@Azure
12/18/2023 Microsoft SaaS Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 9, Stibo Systems
12/21/2023 Empowering customers to get the solutions they need to innovate while maximizing their investments
1/2/2024 Technical and business value of Oracle Database@Azure
1/2/2024 Capabilities in Azure Business Continuity Center
1/4/2024 What is Azure Business Continuity Center?
1/4/2024 Databricks and Azure confidential computing powered by AMD
1/5/2024 Use your Marketplace Rewards Azure sponsorship benefit to increase your marketplace sales
1/8/2024 AMD SEV-SNP confidential VM option for Azure Databricks
1/9/2024 Fireblocks is revolutionizing the digital assets industry using Intel SGX based VMs on Azure
1/9/2024 SAS® Viya® and Azure confidential computing powered by AMD
1/9/2024 Discoveries in weeks, not years: Microsoft and PNNL join forces to accelerate scientific discovery.
1/9/2024 Migrate Your SAP Workloads to Microsoft
1/10/2024 BeeKeeperAI helps drug companies gain faster insights using Intel SGX based VMs on Azure
1/12/2024 Confidential containers on Azure Container Instances (ACI)
1/17/2024 Aligning to Azure roles and permissions to transact through the Microsoft commercial marketplace
1/18/2024 Navigating the Microsoft commercial marketplace
1/19/2024 Getting started with Azure VMware Solution
1/22/2024 Azure Confidential VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs for secure retrieval-augmented generation
1/24/2024 Microsoft SaaS Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 10, Cloud Maker
1/26/2024 Habu and Azure confidential computing powered by AMD
1/30/2024 DICK’S Sporting Goods creates an omnichannel athlete experience using Azure Arc and AKS
1/31/2024 Solution for building real-time web apps | SignalR and Socket.IO
2/2/2024 Azure Optimization Skill Building|Azure Enablement Show
2/6/2024 New and easy way to build custom AI assistants with Azure OpenAI Service
2/6/2024 Detect and redact Personally Identifiable Information from documents
2/7/2024 Expedite deployment of automated vehicle systems with Microsoft Azure and Cognata
2/8/2024 Build and deploy an enterprise chat application with Azure AI Studio
2/14/2024 Azure AI Studio Build Your Own Copilot Code Frist Demo
2/15/2024 Getting started with Azure confidential VMs using Intel TDX
2/16/2024 Decentralized role-based access control using Azure Managed Confidential Consortium Framework
2/16/2024 Unleashing the Power of Azure: Azure Migrate and Modernize and Azure Innovate
2/16/2024 Introducing Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore | Azure Friday
2/20/2024 Azure OpenAI Service: On Your Data: Run the latest models on your data
2/22/2024 Microsoft SaaS Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 11, Cybus
2/26/2024 Modernize the network with AI-powered platform and applications
2/26/2024 Monetize your investments enabling modern connected apps
2/26/2024 Azure Programmable Connectivity
2/26/2024 Use AI to Simplify Operation of Complex Networks
2/26/2024 Microsoft Azure Operator Call Protection Overview
2/26/2024 Connecting networks near and far with Azure Anywhere
2/26/2024 Mistral Large on Models as a Service (MaaS)
2/27/2024 Get to know Azure AI
3/1/2024 Exploring the Azure Quantum Development Kit | Azure Friday
3/12/2024 Azure Confidential VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs for secure retrieval-augmented generation
3/14/2024 Azure portal guided experience for configuring ExpressRoute circuits
3/15/2024 Azure Cosmos DB: The database for your AI apps | Azure Friday
3/18/2024 Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc runs SAP on Azure
3/22/2024 Noble deploys Tampnet’s Private Offshore Network with Azure private MEC for ubiquitous connectivity
3/22/2024 Introducing Azure Operator 5G Core
3/22/2024 Introducing Data Product Factory in Azure Operator Insights
3/22/2024 Build scalable applications with Azure cross-region Load Balancer | Azure Friday
3/28/2024 How to Safeguard your generative AI applications in Azure AI
3/28/2024 Microsoft Saas Stories | Learn from Software Experts | Episode 12, Flyte
3/29/2024 Develop AI applications safely & innovate with confidence using Microsoft Azure Responsible AI tools
3/29/2024 Learn how Azure private MEC ISV partner solutions are transforming enterprises with AI and 5G
3/29/2024 Safeguard your containerized workloads using AKS backup | Azure Friday
4/2/2024 Get started with Azure Operator Nexus Lab demo
4/2/2024 Get started with Azure Operator Nexus Product demo
4/3/2024 Get started with Azure Programmable Connectivity Demo
4/4/2024 Get started with Microsoft Programmable RAN and Anomaly Detection
4/4/2024 Retrieval Augmented Generation with Azure AI Search
4/5/2024 Get started with Microsoft Programmable RAN and Cohere
4/5/2024 Generate NoSQL queries with Microsoft Copilot for Azure in Cosmos DB | Azure Friday
4/8/2024 App advisor: marketplace guidance when you need it
4/8/2024 Get started with Microsoft Programmable RAN and AMDOCS
4/9/2024 Get started with Microsoft Programmable RAN and Manevir
4/9/2024 Vestas moves to Azure high-performance computing for reliability, performance, and scalability
4/9/2024 Announcing Marketplace Rewards updates
4/9/2024 How to customize GenAI models with Azure OpenAI Service
4/10/2024 Get started with Microsoft Programmable RAN Compilation
4/15/2024 Novo Nordisk accelerates life-changing research using Azure DevOps and GitHub