Azure OpenAI Service

Apply advanced coding and language models to a variety of use cases.


Use Natural Language & Prompts with AI Models | Azure OpenAI Service
12/14/2022, Microsoft Mechanics
For your next application, leverage large-scale, generative AI models with a deep understanding of language and code, using Azure’s OpenAI service. Interact with models using natural language,...
Build Recap | Combining OpenAI models with the power of Azure
Chris Hoder is here to talk about the 2022 #MSBuild announcement regarding the Public Preview availability of Azure OpenAI Service and give an overview of what is now available for...
AI Show Live - Episode 57 - Microsoft Build 2022 Recap
5/27/2022, Microsoft Developer
Today Seth Juarez and friends recap some of the exciting announcements from #MSBuild including new features from OpenAI, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Form Recognizer with Chris Hoder, Cesar...
Microsoft for Startups unlocking the Power of OpenAI for your startup | ODBRK53
5/27/2022, Microsoft Developer
The Azure OpenAI Service and GitHub Copilot are the latest offerings to emerge from a partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI that aims to accelerate breakthroughs in AI. By bringing the OpenAI...
Unlock new scenarios with breakthrough innovation with Azure OpenAI Service  | STUDIO29
11/9/2021, MS Ignite
Learn how Microsoft is delivering some of the most advanced AI, such as OpenAI GPT-3 models, into Azure AI to apply to your business. Hear from Eric Boyd and Mira Murati on the direction of AI...
An introduction to the Azure OpenAI Service | BRK216
11/3/2021, MS Ignite
By now you've heard the announcement of the Azure OpenAI Service, and are intrigued about it. This session will give you a walkthrough of the service and its capabilities, alongside demonstrating...
Ask the Experts - An introduction to the Azure OpenAI Service | CONATEBRK216
11/3/2021, MS Ignite
Join us for an interactive Q&A with the core team of the Azure OpenAI Service. This new service is designed to unlock advanced language scenarios using OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Codex models. If you...