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10/19/2023, Azure PaaS Blog
Managing Azure Policies through Python SDK   Azure Policy helps to enforce organizational standards and to assess compliance at-scale. It also helps to bring your resources to compliance through bulk remediation for existing resources and automatic remediation for added resources.   Common use cases for Azure Policy include implementing governance for resource consistency, regulatory compliance, security, cost, and management. Policy definitions for these common use cases are already available in your Azure environment as built-ins to help you get started. Specifically, some useful...
12/26/2022, Azure PaaS Blog
Recently, a new feature called “Manual effect” popped out to users, but it is still in the PREVIEW stage. It allows users to self-attest the compliance of resources or scopes. In another word, it gives users a chance to determine the evaluation result of the specific resource and the reason. Currently, it is mostly used inside the Security related built-in policies and initiatives. You may check more details from the following doc.   Understand how effects work - Azure Policy | Microsoft Learn   There are multiple built-in policies under the Security category to check the subscription...