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Upgrading from Xamarin to .NET MAUI | OD119
5/24/2023, Microsoft Developer
Learn about the upgrade process - from how to evaluate your existing codebase to the tooling we have built to make your upgrades from Xamarin to .NET MAUI as simple as possible. *Speakers:* *...
Xamarin.Essentials is in .NET MAUI! Access platform APIs with a single API
5/18/2023, dotNET
Did you know that Xamarin.Essentials, a library for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms apps that enabled developers to access platform features from a cross-platform API, is built into .NET MAUI! That is...
Bits of Build: Leve seus aplicativos .NET para a nuvem com o Microsoft Azure
5/4/2023, Microsoft Reactor
Junte-se a nós no Bits of Build, uma série de eventos incríveis inspirado no Microsoft Build! O Microsoft Build é uma das maiores conferências de tecnologia do mundo para desenvolvedores e...
Intro to the Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio Extension [7/18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
3/29/2023, dotNET
In this video, Mike introduces the Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio extension tool that allows incrementally migrating a project to a newer .NET target. The Upgrade Assistant command line tool is...
Criando e hospedando uma aplicação Asp.Net Core Web API no Azure
3/17/2023, Microsoft Reactor
Nesta palestra, você aprenderá como criar e hospedar uma aplicação Asp.Net Core Web API no Azure. Serão abordados tópicos como a configuração do ambiente de desenvolvimento, a criação de uma Web...
Let's Learn .NET - Let's Learn .NET Modernization
3/13/2023, dotNET
In this month's .NET beginner series, get a full introduction to modernizing your .NET, ASP.NET, and WPF projects from their current version to the latest build of .NET - Come to learn something...
.NET Frontend Day 2023
2/7/2023, Microsoft Reactor
What is this day about? It's that time again, time for .NET Frontend Day 2023. .NET Frontend day is a free online conference; you can also see it live in person this year. On Feb 10, 2023,...
Using Xamarin and Visual Studio in Developing a Prosthetic Arm
1/31/2023, Microsoft Developer
Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/KNHGeCC5sv8 #shorts #xamarin #visualstudio #microsoftdeveloper #opensource #accessibility #prosthetics
1/19/2023, Microsoft Developer
Cliff Agius is a 787 pilot by day and a hobbyist developer by night. When a family friend asked for help improving her son’s prosthetic arm, Cliff used open-source software to build a new arm for...
Build an Asset Manager App (1/2)
11/15/2022, Microsoft Reactor
Imagine an organization where every three years the employees go through a hardware refresh cycle. The organization would like to build a customized app that runs on the web and mobile devices,...
Upgrading Xamarin apps to .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2022
11/12/2022, dotNET
This session will walk you through the changes you need to make to your libraries and UI when upgrading your Xamarin apps to .NET Multi-platform App UI. We'll also show you how the .NET Upgrade...
¡Es Viernes! Temporada 2 | Ep2
10/28/2022, Microsoft Reactor
Bienvenidos de nuevo a la segunda temporada de esta serie de: ¡Es viernes! Acompaña a Bruno y Gwyn en "¡Es Viernes!", una serie de entrevistas con expertos de Comunidades Microsoft. En estas...