Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests.


Empowering Business: Copilot Intelligent Apps on Power Platform | #MVPConnect
6/6/2024, Microsoft Reactor
Introduction to Power Platform and Copilot: -Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and AI Builder. -Discover how...
Power Automate Integration Made Simple | #MVPConnect
5/29/2024, Microsoft Reactor
Unlock the potential of Power Automate integration in various platforms. Where attendees will learn to seamlessly harness Power Automates capabilities within Canvas Power Apps, Power Pages,...
ALM en Power Platform
3/12/2024, Microsoft Reactor
**Descripción de la sesión** Mensajes claves de conceptualización y contexto acerca de las buenas prácticas al implementar la administración del ciclo de vida de las aplicaciones (ALM) con...
The Final Touch: Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents Integration
11/14/2023, Microsoft Reactor
About this episode: The final episode brings it all together. We will build the Power App UI, connect to the Custom Connector, and publish the social media post to LinkedIn. As a bonus, we will...
Bridging the Gap: .NET APIs, Azure, and Custom Connectors
11/14/2023, Microsoft Reactor
About this episode: We take a step further from Episode 1 by creating a .NET API using the .NET Azure OpenAI SDK, creating Azure Resources with the Azure Developer CLI, deploying the API to Azure...
Laying the Foundation: Azure OpenAI Service and Power Platform
11/14/2023, Microsoft Reactor
About this episode: Dive into the world of Azure OpenAI Service. We introduce the service, describe the models, and guide you through creating deployments. Setting the stage for seamless AI...
Intro to Power Platform Copilots
ABOUT THE SERIES: This session is a part of the Hack Together: Power Platform AI Global Hack. Please visit here for more details: https://aka.ms/hacktogether/powerplatform-ai Build, innovate,...
Power Virtual Agents Week Recap
That's a wrap! If you missed any of this week's exciting #PowerVirtualAgent content, all the links are available below for you to catch up: Demo: https://youtu.be/l-FQXSrboIg Omar Aftab...
Power Virtual Agents revoluciona la experiencia de usuario con IA Generativa
8/16/2023, Microsoft Reactor
**Acerca de esta sesión:** Power Virtual Agents ha tenido muchas mejoras relacionadas con IA. Especialmente con IA Generativa y la llegada de Copilot.En esta sesión veremos como utilizar y...
Power Virtual Agents Copilot: Generative Actions
To help celebrate #PowerVirtualAgents Product Week, check out this great Copilot demo that shows how the Generative Actions capability is helping financial institutions work faster and smarter....
Welcome to Power Virtual Agents Week!
Welcome to #PowerVirtualAgents Week! Hear from this week's host, Microsoft Principal Design Manager, @Kendra Springer, as she offers a sneak peek into some of the content we have planned for...
Power Pages Week Recap
That's a wrap! If you missed any of this week's exciting #PowerPages content, be sure to catch up with And be sure to click the link below to check out @Heather Cook’s #MPPC23 sessions...