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Automated backups, PITR, and Availability Groups with Arc-enabled SQL Server | Data Exposed
11/27/2023, Microsoft Developer
This demo features two of the capabilities unlocked with Arc enabling your SQL Server(s). The first one covers the built-in Automated backups and Point-in-time restore capability which allows you...
What’s new for Azure edge infrastructure in 2023
11/15/2023, Microsoft Azure
In this demo, see how Contoso supermarkets, a fictional grocery store chain, can use Microsoft Azure to deploy and manage infrastructure at the edge using Azure Arc, Azure Kubernetes Service and...
Empower innovation while maintaining governance
10/23/2023, Microsoft Azure
Empower your organization to get the technology solutions it needs while maintaining strict controls by enabling a private Azure marketplace. With a private marketplace, you can pre-approve a...
New Azure Portal experience for Azure Database Migration Service | Data Exposed
10/19/2023, Microsoft Developer
Azure Database Migration Service is a fully managed service designed to enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure data platforms with minimal downtime. Previously you...
Administering customer subscriptions: The publisher experience
9/6/2023, Microsoft Reactor
This quick demo shows how a publisher can use the Managed Applications center service in the Azure portal to administer the solution inside a customer’s Managed Resource Group. This video is one...
Managing my Managed Applications: The customer experience
9/6/2023, Microsoft Reactor
This demo-only video shows customers how to administer their Managed Application purchases. It also examines customer access to the associated Managed Resource Groups. 00:00 – Overview 00:56 –...
Getting Started with Azure Blob Storage | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
8/29/2023, Microsoft Developer
In this episode of Data Exposed: MVP Edition with Anna Hoffman and Indira Bandari, we will be exploring the basics of Azure Blob Storage, a cloud-based storage service for unstructured data. It...
Bits & Pieces - episode 1: Getting started with your subscription
What are Visual Studio Subscriptions | hand-on tutorial with demo | Developer tools Welcome to the first episode of Bits & Pieces, a series just for Visual Studio subscribers. There’s more to...
Building Intelligent JavaScript Applications with Azure OpenAI Service
8/10/2023, Microsoft Reactor
In this demo, we'll explore how to build intelligent JavaScript applications using Azure OpenAI Service. We'll cover the basics of Azure OpenAI Service, including how to access and integrate...
Azure Landing Zone Accelerator for AVS - Secure Connectivity without ER Global Reach
8/2/2023, IT Ops Talk
🔥 Learn how to achieve secure end-to-end connectivity without using ExpressRoute Global Reach in this engaging and informative video. Join Amy Colyer and Jason Medina as they explore the key...
Understanding your Azure savings plan recommendations
7/11/2023, Microsoft Developer
In this episode of the #AzureEnblementShow, Thomas is joined by Obinna to discuss how you can use Azure savings plan to save on computer services. Obinna will also give a detailed demonstration...
What's new in Azure Database for MySQL | Azure Friday
6/20/2023, Microsoft Azure
Parikshit Savjani joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the evolution of Azure Database for MySQL, an open-source MySQL database on Azure. The conversation focuses on the journey from the Single...