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DevSecOps on Azure
2/3/2023, DevOps on Azure
What is DevSecOps? | DevSecOps on Azure Tutorial | Hands-on Tutorial with Demos Security is for everyone! The question is, where do you get started? Join April and Gitte as they talk about how...
Health modeling for mission-critical workloads on Azure | Azure Friday
1/30/2023, Microsoft Azure
Sebastian Bader joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can use health modeling to minimize downtime of your mission-critical workloads on Azure. With health modeling, you don't only see the health...
Azure Fundamentals EP3: The Core Azure building blocks
1/23/2023, Microsoft Reactor
This session is a part of Ten Tuesdays to Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) series. This series will provide a foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Azure services; security,...
Secure your Microsoft Azure Arc–enabled environment
1/23/2023, Microsoft Azure
See how to secure your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Azure Stack HCI powered by Intel technologies. Download the whitepaper: #Microsoft...
Getting started with Azure Arc-enabled data services and the Jumpstart ArcBox flavor
1/16/2023, Microsoft Developer
Watch the full episode and learn more here: Anna Hoffman and Lior Kamrat, we will be talking about how to get started with Azure Arc-enabled data services, the newly...
How to easily teach yourself Azure Arc-enabled data services | Data Exposed
1/12/2023, Microsoft Developer
In the episode of Data Exposed with Anna Hoffman and Lior Kamrat, we will be talking about how to get started with Azure Arc-enabled data services, the newly announced Azure Arc-enabled SQL...
Continuously validate and test your mission-critical Azure workloads | Azure Friday
1/9/2023, Microsoft Azure
It's crucial to test recent changes before rolling them out to production, especially for mission-critical workloads. You want to be sure that the system is resilient after the latest code...
#125 - The one with Securing SAP with Azure Services  (Evren Buyruk) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast
1/7/2023, SAP on Azure
In episode 125 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about Looking back on 2022, Azure Backup for SAP HANA, Shortage of Security experts, ABAP Cloud, SAP Business One and Microsoft Azure and...
Azure Master Class v2 - Module 3 - Governance
A deep dive into all things Governance around Azure. 👂 I have manually updated the captions to be as accurate as possible. Enable the subtitles and from there you can translate to your native...
Armchair Architects: Architects vs. The Ivory Tower
12/14/2022, Microsoft Developer
Do software architects really live in Ivory Towers, descending only to share their wisdom with the masses before returning to their inner sanctum? Our #ArmchairArchitects, Eric Charran and Uli...
Manage your SQL Server data estate from Azure | Data Exposed @ PASS Summit
12/12/2022, Microsoft Developer
In this session with Venkata Raj Pachiraju, get a glimpse of how Arc-enabled SQL Servers enable managing, securing, and monitoring your SQL Servers centrally deployed anywhere. It's Microsoft's...
Retail Edge Transformation with Azure Hybrid
12/7/2022, Microsoft Azure
Learn how a retailer can use Microsoft Azure to manage their apps and infrastructure at the Edge using Azure Arc, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Stack HCI. In this end-to-end demo, you will...